Starting A Part-time Business: How To Fit It Around The Kids!


You’re a stay-at-home mum itching to get the business thinking cap back on, or you’re strapped for cash and need to get a new revenue stream flowing; whatever the reason, follow our top tips to help you set up your part time business.

Starting a Part Time Business

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Work around the kids

Fitting work around children and family life can be daunting. Where to find the time is the first challenge. Here are some first steps to managing your time:

  • Don’t try to work when the kids are around
  • When they go off to school, playgroup or nursery: take action
  • Housework steals time. Dusting can wait!
  • Babies and toddlers nap. Grab that time and use it!
  • Half an hour is enough time to: Think, Plan Act, Do. So in a couple of hours you could be ready for action!

Get childcare support

Next, ask family and friends for help looking after the kids so you can free up some time. Remember that others around you are often in similar situations, so why not suggest a childcare swap? You get a half day or a day alone in return for the same with them.

A supportive husband or partner can also get involved. Explain that you need some time to get going, and try to involve them. Back-up within the home is a key to keeping the strain at bay.

If you’re a single parent, try asking voluntary associations for help. Some child-minders can offer  free childcare that you may qualify for.

Turn a passion into a business

Right, so you’ve carved out the time to set up your home business, but how about those business ideas? What to do is the one part of this that should come naturally. A passion about what you do is vital; what do you love to do?

  • Writing – the internet requires millions of words every day – in blogs, reviews of products, discussion forums for  social networking, travel advice – and the more traditional printed work like community newsletters, are all possibilities.
  • Baking. Local schools, cafes, or farmers’ markets are all possibilities for sales. Cupcakes are in vogue!
  • Personal shopping. If you love to shop, becoming a personal shopper could be your niche. A background in retail is an advantage. You may get work for a large national retailer – get experience with them, then branch out on your own.
  • Home call centre operative. Some companies employee home-based workers to conduct telephone surveys, or sell new products. If you like chatting and won’t take no for an answer, you may find this is for you. The AA, BT,  Arise UK and Teletech all offer home worker opportunities.
  • Driving – Have a driver’s licence? You could work for a courier service, making home deliveries. HDNL (Home Delivery Network Ltd) or DHL

Getting started

How can you turn a passion into a business and combine it with family life?

First, tell people! It’s amazing how supportive people can be so make sure you chat to your own personal circle.

Next, look for free advice. The government organisations in each part of the UK are a good place to start. Go to Starting A Business and click on your area of the UK on this home page, for information. for information.

Setting up as a self-employed sole trader is the simplest and quickest way to start a business, and you won’t be drowned in a sea of paperwork. There are no registration fees, but you must register with HM Revenue & Customs for tax and National Insurance purposes.