Your working wardrobe sorted

colourful clothes hangers

colourful clothes hangersSpending money on a work wardrobe can be frustrating. We’re often forced into buying clothes we wouldn’t dream of wearing at weekends, at prices above what we’d normally be willing to spend. But you can look smart on shoestring! Here’s how…


Make an investment

Spend your money on a few good quality items – such as skirts, trouser and shoes – and mix and match these with cheaper pieces of clothing.

Cheaper trend-led pieces from H&M or Primark will bring an outfit up to date, and can easily be replaced next season when they fall out of fashion.

Lose the jacket

Jackets can be expensive and aren’t always necessary for a work uniform.

Instead of wearing one every day, why not go for a cardigan instead? They’re cheaper, often more comfortable and can look smart if worn properly.

Wear a dress

Rather than complicate an outfit with several items, stick to wearing a simple dress instead.

It will save you money and time, as you’ll have less to think about when getting ready in the morning. Team it with a striking cardigan, jewellery or patterned tights to add some interest.

Invest in a suit

There’s no denying a good quality, well-fitted work suit will last you forever.

If you know you have a big event coming up, such as a wedding, use it as an opportunity to invest in a smart suit.

The initial outlay may be large, but if you average out the amount of use you’ll get over the years, it does work out to be very economical.

Save your shoes

A good pair of shoes doesn’t come cheap. Make yours last longer by only wearing them in the office. Wear trainers to and from work – you’ll appreciate it when you have to run for the bus!

Avoid dry cleaning

Check the label carefully before buying any new clothing. Avoid dry clean only fabrics as cleaning costs can mount up and you’ll have to find the time to drop items off and pick them up again.

Love your clothes

Don’t be fooled into believing work clothes have to be dull. Choose items you actually like and you may find you start wearing them out of work hours.

Team a blouse with a pair of jeans and suddenly it has a casual weekend appeal.

Keep it simple

Stick to wearing simple items in sober colours that won’t go out of fashion, such as a black shift dress or a pencil skirt. You can add interest with bright accessories.

Plan carefully

Planning a capsule work wardrobe will save you both time and money.

Choose a few key pieces to form the foundation of your outfits. Hang them together at one end of your wardrobe, as this will also save you time in the morning.

Go second hand

Shop for items in vintage stores or on eBay. People often sell unwanted suits that have only been worn a handful of times.