The headline of your article is the first thing people read, and it determines whether or not they choose to read the actual content. It’s said that 8 out of 10 people will read a headline but only 2 out of 10 people will read the rest of the article, and that’s the sad truth. Crazy, right? As if there wasn’t enough pressure on your shoulders already! Well, here’s how you can master the science behind writing a killer headline.

When was the last time you wrote a lengthy piece of informative, well-structured content, only for it to receive a handful of shares and a few likes on Facebook? We’ve all done it! Not only does it render the high-quality article a poorly performing piece, but it can also damage your confidence as a writer.

In an attempt to prevent your content floundering before it has a chance to succeed we recommend you take a look at these simple, yet effective, tips that will be of great assistance the next time you’re in the process of researching a magnetic headline that will suck your audience in!

3 Brilliant Tips to Help You Master The Skill of Writing a Killer Headline

Keywords matter! Do You Understand Why?


As a basic piece of advice, you’ve probably been told somewhere along the line of your writing or marketing career that you should always have the keyword for the article in the headline. That is more or less correct, however, it’s important to understand why the keyword matters, and how you can use keyword research to your advantage when writing a killer headline. You can learn more about marketing skills with the help of this SEO in Stoke-on-Trent who can practically improve your website in a matter of moments.

A magnetic headline will directly relate to the audience you have intended it for, thus explaining why the keyword is so important. Keyword research allows you to understand, on a large scale, what words people use when they are thinking and searching,for a particular topic. Due to the fact that there are millions of searches carried out every second, there will inevitably be ‘niche phrases‘ that are much less commonly used than their popular counterparts. For example;

Topic: Advice on how to sleep for better and longer
Popular keyword phrase: how to sleep better
Niche keyword phrase: increase sleep quality and length naturally

As you can see, the popular keyword directly relates to the topic in question. However the results you will generate will encompass everything that the internet has to offer regarding sleep, and you may struggle to connect the issues you’re having with a generic article on the importance of sleeping 7 hours a night.

The niche keyword phrase is a lot more specific, and it could be way more specific again! We know that this search is requesting advice on how to increase the quality and length of sleep through naturally adjusting lifestyle, diet, routines, and so on.

Now, take what you know about keywords, and apply it into your headlines. Create a niche headline directly related to your niche keyword phrase. The best headlines are one’s which are more specific and correlate with the needs of the audience that they are targeting.

Grabbing the Attention of the Audience – The Purpose of a Headline!

You might have created a headline that ticks all the SEO and keyword research boxes but if it doesn’t catch the eye of the reader you still won’t get them to click on your content. Your headline needs to stand out from the ever-growing competition, and there are a few simple, yet effective, ways you can do just that.

You might have seen various formulas over the internet which claim to be the be all and end all of headline writing. Granted, it is certainly logical and sensible to apply a consistent process to your writing, particular so that you can measure how successful your headlines have been before and after changes.

Using adjectives or powerful words if a foolproof way of grabbing the attention on the masses. For example,

‘How to Write Content’

… add a few effective adjectives and power words,

‘How to Write Killer Content that will Blow Your Reader’s Minds’

Similar to the previous example, it’s not much, in fact, seven words have been added, but already the title not only hits a more specific keyword phrase, but it is pretty attention grabbing.

Want to boost the effectiveness of your headline, and grab the attention of even more of your target audience? Try adding a number or data into the headline;

‘How to Write Killer Content that will increase Your Traffic By at least 125%’
’14 Ways You Can Boost Your Traffic by 50% This Week by Writing Outstanding Content’

Another concept that works quite well, but should probably be used sparingly to avoid its impact wearing off, is to introduce a number that sparks a sense of absurdity or surprise, in the reader, for example;

’84 Ways You Can Increase Your Productivity’

Retain a Sense of Credibility to Ensure Your Killer Headline Isn’t Dismissed


We’ve highlighted the importance of grabbing the attention of your audience by using attractive or powerful wording to boost the appeal of the headline. However, it’s important to ensure that you write your headline in a way that the reader can actually believe it is an honest, informative piece of content, and not just spam or false advertising.

Take a look at these examples:

‘Do This Exercise Right Now and You Will be Able to Instantly Run a Marathon’
‘Run Faster Than Usain Bolt With These 3 Tips’
‘Learn How You Can Earn £500,000-a-week for the Rest of Your Life’

They’re certainly attention grabbing, but would you really click through to the article? Now, take a look at these alternatives;

‘Try This Simple Running Drill to Kick Start Your Marathon Training Program’
‘Increase Your Sprint Speed By 25% With These 7 Strength Movements’
’15 Ways You Can Earn over £200-per-week From Home’

These revamped headlines all relate to the same topics, but they combine every factor this article has discussed, whilst also maintaining the credibility factor. Writing a killer headline is sometimes perceived as an excuse to compile the most flamboyant adjectives possible into one sentence. It will grab the attention of the audience, but it will not increase the clicks through to your content.

Writing a Killer Headline

In summary, writing a killer headline is an important skill that all writers and content marketers should learn. It can be the difference between 100 page views and 10,000 page views, or 30 shares and 3,000 shares. Remember:

  • Understand the Importance of Keywords
  • Grab the audience’s attention, or your content won’t be seen
  • Remain credible, don’t overdo the adjectives!

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