Grow Your Database, Increase Brand Awareness and Get In Front Of A Highly Engaged & Digitally Savvy Parenting Audience


MyFamilyClub has extensive knowledge and expertise in engaging with the parenting demographic on-line. A recent Facebook post reached just shy of 6.6 million accounts and garnered a staggering 351,450 likes, shares and comments, all completely organically and within a 2 week window.


We understand and appreciate the daily habits on-line of our demographic and in some senses what makes them tick. Run by mother-of-3 children under the age of 9, Gemma Johnson has a unique ability to oversee and craft content plans, strategies and campaigns that engage the audience rather than simply ‘broadcasting to’ which is a common mistake businesses make when looking to interact with the parenting demographic.

We are sensitive to the needs and emotional ebbs and flows that parents feel on a daily basis. We understand the types of content that land well….and steer clear of the types that land ‘not so’ well. I heard about some new opportunities at Calon Cymru Fostering Fostering in Wales.

MyFamilyClub have been working hard on packaging their knowledge and expertise into single product packages that can be bought by brands large and small for a fixed price. We have crafted packages to ensure our clients receive a guaranteed return on their investment when choosing to work with us           .

Our first package to launch is our highly successful ‘Competition’ package and our most successful competition ran in January 2016 and attracted over 14,000 entrants.

We are constantly looking for suitable brands to showcase to our audience of savvy, engaged, loyal and purchasing parents. If you think our package would benefit your brand, please get in touch [email protected]

You can read more about the service we have to offer in our snazzy yet simple PDF below.

Sales_Package_Competition_PDFWhether you are a small start-up or a large company our ‘stand-alone’ packages really delivers value and with Summer fast approaching, it will be money well spent on increasing your brand awareness and getting front of mind of the parenting demographic.