About us

MyFamilyClub is a website that aims to help families with children of all ages to save, manage and make money.

You’ll find guides on money saving and budgeting, tools to help you manage your cash, as well as advice that will help you make money too.

MyFamilyClub also gives you:

  • The latest deals and discounts
  • Best buys on your supermarket essentials
  • Top freebies
  • Quick and easy family meal plans
  • Competitions and great prizes

Why we started

Did you know that one-third of women fall into debt on maternity leave, and the average household debt in the UK is a staggering £53K-plus?

Six years ago, mum-of-three Gemma Johnson was on maternity leave and found it a struggle to manage on a reduced budget due to the decreased income and increased outgoings that a new baby brings.

She felt she needed a helping hand to understand the complexities of how to manage financially as a family. She was desperate for any practical information that would help make her increasingly busy life run more smoothly whilst securing her families future.

She found that countless other parents and carers also shared the same struggle. They were all asking the same questions: how do you find realistic ways to save money? Where do you get the best bargains? What do you do to make some extra cash? How do you manage to stay in control of the family budget?

MyFamilyClub is Gemma’s answer to these questions.

Our goals

Our goals are to help you:

  1. Save money and buy smarter
  2. Manage money so you can reduce and organise your budget
  3. Make money and earn extra cash

Above all, we want to ensure you get the best out of MyFamilyClub and all it has to offer, so if you have any ideas or questions, or would like to get in touch, please email: [email protected]

How to find us

Our office address is: 45 Moorfields, London, EC2Y 9AE.

Registered address

Registered address: 185 Fleet Street,  London,  EC4A 2HS.

Registered in England and Wales with company number: 07337712

Our parent companies

MyFamilyClub.co.uk is owned by Publisher DC Thomson