Top 10 Sights to See at UK SEA LIFE Centres 2021


A Fabulous Family Day Out at SEA LIFE Centres

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Each year SEA LIFE Centres welcome over 20 million visitors. It’s not surprising it’s such a popular attraction as there are so many wonderful habitats to explore.

Offering an incredible learning opportunity for families and a way to get up close to some of the the world’s fabulous creatures.

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Top 10 Things to See at SEA LIFE Centres

1.Jellyfish Experience

Price: from £16.50 Location: London

SEA LIFE Centre JellyfishLocated in the County Hall building on the South Bank of the river Thames, The London Aquarium is by far one of the largest and busiest of all the SEA LIFE Centres. With over 1,000,000 Million visitors per year.

The London Aquarium is home to the UK’s largest Jellyfish experience, taking visitors on an interactive journey through 3 unique zones.


2.360 Degree Ocean Tunnel

Price: from £18.30 Location: Birmingham

SEA LIFE Centre 360 Degree Ocean TunnelHome to over 2,000 creatures from around the world, the Birmingham SEA LIFE Centre takes visitors into a world of underwater discovery. As well as having the UK’s only 360 degree Ocean Tunnel.

The Birmingham SEA LIFE Centre contains its own state-of-the-art rescue facility which is currently home to two Alaskan sea otters. This SEA LIFE Centre is also home to Molokai the giant green sea turtle which is said to weigh over 20 stone.


3.4 Corners of the World

Price: from £17.50 Location: Blackpool

SEA LIFE Centre Coral ReefLaunched in 2019, The Four Corners of The World attraction at Blackpool SEA LIFE Centre has become a hit with visitors over the past few years. Taking visitors on a journey across 4 different sets all created around man made wrecks which have been taken over by marine life.

Asia, Africa, Europe and America have all been represented in this interactive journey which highlights the importance of reefs and wrecks in creating and sustaining rich marine ecosystems. 


4.Giant Japanese Spider Crabs

Price: from £17.50 Location: Manchester

SEA LIFE Centre Manchester Japanese Giant Spider CrabOne of the newest SEA LIFE Centres in the UK, visitors are in for a treat, with over 5000 sea creatures across 30 displays.

As well as a wide variety of sharks including the UK’s first hammerhead sharks, the highlight of the experience is a trip to the Lair of the Giant Crab. These Giant Japanese Spider Crabs measure up to 3 metres claw and claw making them the largest in existence.


5.Penguin Island

Price: from £15.60 Location: Scarborough

SEA LIFE Centre Humbolt Penguins TwoWith its combination of indoor and outdoor attractions and activities, Scarborough SEA LIFE Centre offers visitors a fun-packed day out. Take a journey into an amazing ocean experience with over 2500 sea creatures on display.

Exclusive to Scarborough SEA LIFE Centre and the first of its kind in Europe, Penguin Island takes visitors on an immersive walk-through experience with the Humboldt Penguins.


6.Walk About in the Wild

Location: Southend-on-sea

SEA LIFE Centre Southend MeercatsOver 40 unique displays featuring sea life from all over the world, Southend SEA LIFE Centre is a must see for those visiting the South East. Known for its key attractions such as the Rescue & Conservation areas which feature sea life, butterflies, mammals & reptiles.

Its Walk-About In the Wild” feature offers visitors the opportunity to see a wider range of animals including Meerkats, Otters, Mongooses, Macaque Monkeys and tortoises.

7.The Oldest Aquarium in the World 

Price: from £16.50 Location: Brighton

SEA Life Centre Rainforest AdventureLocated in one of the UKs most popular coastal towns, Brighton SEA LIFE Centre is famous for being the oldest Aquarium in the world having opened in 1872. This beautiful Victorian building is home to over 5000 sea creatures including.

Other highlights to this SEA LIFE Centre include the Rainforest adventure which features an anaconda, poison dart frogs and the piranha fish which is known for being one of the most ferocious fish in the world.


8.Asian Short Clawed Otters

Price: from Location: Glasgow, Scotland

SEA LIFE Centre Loch Lomond OttersIn terms of location, few SEA LIFE Centres can beat Loch Lomond. Situated just 30 miles from Glasgow, visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to attractions. Over 1500 creatures on show as well as the largest collection of sharks in Scotland.

Head to the observation deck for stunning views over Loch Lomond. This sea life centre is also home to the smallest species of otters. This “Troublesome Trio” of Asian short-clawed otters, Lily, Pickle and cub have become the star attraction.


9.Penguin Beach 

Price: from £15.10 Location: Norfolk

SEA Life Centre Hunstanton Inca TernsThis state-of-the-art aquarium hosts a wide range of sea creatures. The ocean display tank holds a massive 187,500 litres of seawater and is home to over 30 different species including Ernie the green sea turtle.

No trip to Hunstanton SEA LIFE Centre would be complete without a visit to Penguin Beach. Learn how to waddle with the 20 Humboldt penguins while keeping an eye out for the Inca Terns swooping from above.


10.Merlin the Cow Nosed Ray

Price: from £13.00 Location: Bray, Ireland

SEA LIFE Centre Bray Merlin the Cow Nosed RayOne of Ireland’s largest aquariums, Bray SEA LIFE Centre is a fully indoor venue and home to over 1100 underwater animals. There are over 30 displays as well as a children’s quiz trail to keep the kids entertained.

Enter the Toxic Terror zone if you dare and see some of the world’s deadliest sea creatures including the Red LionFish, Pufferfish and even Dragon Moray Eels. Bray SEA LIFE centre is also home to Merlin, The first cow-nosed ray born in Ireland.