Two Fifths Of First-Time Dads Sleep In A Separate Room From Their Partner


New research has revealed that almost half of new dads sleep in a separate room from their partner for the first nine months, with the top reasons for this being to ensure they’re well rested on the days they have work and so that their child has more space in their bedroom. What’s more, three quarters of those who sleep in a separate room state it interrupted their love life.

Becoming a new parent can be difficult, with dads also feeling the strain; as many as two fifths sleep in a separate room for the first nine months of their child’s life to get a well-rested night’s sleep or to ensure there’s plenty of space for their child to be with the mother.

The survey was carried out by the team at home interiors specialist as part of an ongoing study into new parenting life. 2,386 British men aged 18 and over, all of whom stated that they had become a first-time dad in the past twelve months, were quizzed about their home life since becoming a father.

Initially all respondents were asked ‘What has been the biggest change for you since your child was born?’ to which the top responses were ‘changes to our social life’ (32%), ‘the level of intimacy in our relationship’ (29%) and ‘my/our priorities’ (24%).

All respondents were then asked ‘After the birth of your child, what was your sleeping situation like?’ to which two fifths respondents (42%) stated that they slept in a separate room. The remaining respondents stated either ‘nothing changed’ (37%) or ‘the baby slept in the same room/bed as us’ (21%).

Wanting to delve a little deeper, all those who stated they slept in a different room were asked how often they did this, to which the majority, 81%, stated ‘on work nights only’. When asked how long this had lasted, the average response was 9 months.

Furthermore, when asked why they slept in a different room, given a list of possible responses and told to select all those that applied, the following emerged as the top five:

  1. To ensure that I’m well rested for work the next day – 47%
  2. So that there is more space for the child in the bedroom – 43%
  3. Because I’m a light sleeper – 26%
  4. To carry out my share of night feedings – 21%
  5. My partner requested that I sleep in a separate room – 16%

Wanting to find out more, these respondents were asked ‘Do you miss sleeping in the same room as your partner?’, to which 77% said that ’yes’ they did, with the remaining 23% revealing that they ‘quite enjoyed’ having their own space.

When these respondents were next asked if sleeping in a separate room had interrupted with their love life, to which the majority, 73%, stated it had. These individuals were asked how this had a negative impact on their love life. 59% said they had ‘no alone time’ with their partner anymore, 22% revealed that their partner was too busy with the baby to pay them attention and 19% said that the separate room had taken away ‘intimacy’.

Tanya Irons, spokesperson for, commented:

“Having your first child is certainly a learning curve and sometimes you won’t be prepared for everything that parenthood throws at you. Many parents will find themselves having to sleep in separate rooms, whether this be by choice or because it’s the practical thing to do. Always talk through your feelings with your partner though, it’s important you remain a team on such big decisions.”