How I Saved £168 in 5 Minutes by Switching To Bulb


During a conversation at dinner recently a friend shoved her phone in my face and asked me if I had heard of Bulb, the funky green energy company. I had but not in any detail.

As we were chatting about money saving in general and me waffling on about how the Christmas financial hangover can be a painful one for many she insisted I checked it out to see what savings I could make. Not one to deny my lovely friend a request and through the motivation of saving for a few flights this year I tapped in my postcode and I was really surprised that by switching my gas and electricity with Bulb I could access a £14 per month saving.

On the face of it £14 per month didn’t blow me away but then I thought about it and without doing anything different with my monthly budget I could have a £168 saving squirrelled away in my savings account for either a rainy day, additional Christmas money or towards a holiday, all I had to do was spend 5 minutes of my time clicking a few buttons.

The prices quoted are exactly that quotes, and you can refine your quote by tailoring some more of your information with the options provided, Bulb also keeps a little tab on your account every 3 months to make sure your’e on the right track.

On average, people who switch to Bulb save 1,900 kilograms of CO2 per year.

That’s the weight of an elephant seal!

A little bit about bulb – Simpler, Greener, Cheaper


Bulb makes energy simpler, which makes life easier. Switching to Bulb takes 2 minutes and there is one simple tariff for all.


Bulb makes energy cheaper, and this helps you to save money. As they invest in technology it helps to reduce their costs and those savings are then passed on to their members, i.e. you!


Bulb makes energy greener and this helps to protect the planet. The company believe it’s not about being do-gooders but it’s about what makes sense for the environment and future generations.


Simple as 1, 2, 3

1. Pop in your postcode


2. Select your type of property


3. Choose how many bedrooms


4. Choose what energy your home uses


5. Choose how you pay for your bill


6. That’s it….all you have to do is press JOIN BULB!


It’s important to note that it’s an estimate and it’s based on similar sized properties in the area. To get a more accurate quote just provide more information.


Happy saving!