Who Needs a Far-Flung Vacation with the Growing Appeal of the Staycation?


Holidays in the Med are increasingly being eschewed in favour of holidays at home. Known as staycations, recent figures released by Visit England suggest a 10% rise in people holidaying in England in 2016 compared with the year before. Many are also predicting that there will be an even bigger rise when this year’s figures are released, and this may be for a number of reasons.

The first is, of course, the “B” word. Ever since last summer’s Brexit vote prices of European holidays have risen. Fluctuations in exchange rates have had an effect, making the money that UK holiday makers take away not stretch as far as it used to. The purchasing power of the pound has fallen since the Brexit vote, so even where prices in Europe have stayed the same, you just don’t get as much bang for your buck.

The second has been the generally good summers we’ve been having in this country over the last few years. In fact it’s seeming quite commonplace for news stories to report that the UK has been warmer than other European and even worldwide hotspots on particular days of the year, even outside of the main holiday season.

The third is the far greater choice of good-quality accommodation that’s now available, whether you choose to arrange this through one of the many holiday cottage companies available, on Airbnb, or even taking your own roof over your head with you in the form of a tent, camper van or caravan.

Caravanning grows in popularity

Staycation CaravanIn terms of accommodation, with holiday cottages booked through agencies the advantage is that they are generally very well-equipped specifically for holidaymakers and will also have a great deal of useful information about what to do and see in the area while Airbnb properties are likely to have a more “home from home” feel to them.

Campers and caravanners on the other hand will enjoy big savings on holiday accommodation costs. There is an initial outlay for the caravan itself, as well as kitting it out with the relevant bits and pieces, but once these are purchased, the costs compared to hotels and hiring whole cottages can be very cheap. Often the only ongoing extra expenses are things like specific caravan insurance, to avoid any major issues or damage, and campsite fees, which are comparably very cheap.

The real reason to choose the UK as a holiday destination is the sheer breadth of different places to see and explore. For many it’s the appeal of a traditional seaside holiday on the sandy beaches of Devon or Cornwall, where the more intrepid families can try their hands at surfing, or at the more traditional resorts like Cromer and Hunstanton on the Norfolk coast. If walking holidays are your thing then there’s no end of magnificent scenery to explore, such as the Highlands of Scotland and the Peak District. If you want to be near plenty of child-friendly attractions then these are round nearly every corner.

With all this in the UK it could well be that you’ll be better off leaving the passports at home and forgetting about the hassle of getting yourself and the children through airport security, not to mention the ordeal of the car hire desk at your destination.