Things to Take Into Account when Choosing a Domain Name


You may recall the days when an entrepreneur would choose to buy domain names only to sell them in the near future. This was the online equivalent to “flipping” a property, as it was often possible to purchase a name for quite cheap only to sell it for many times its initial value.

Some made a full-time living off of this innovative approach. However, times have changed. The 2010’s have seen a massive rise in the number of freelancers and entrepreneurs who are entering into the digital world.

Domain Name

Do you fall into this category and are you unsure where to begin? If so, it is best to start with the basics.

You will need to brainstorm and obtain a quality domain name if you hope to attract visitors to your website. What strategies should you embrace and are there any tools that are able to help?

Taking on the Role of a Sales Professional 

Think of a domain name as the cover of a book. Which covers tend to stand out the most if you happen to be perusing the contents of a library? Assuming that you are unfamiliar with the title, books that immediately attract the shopper due to their visual and aesthetic appeal are those which are the most likely to be read.

We should now translate this concept into the digital domain. Of course, the address of a website contains no such imagery. It instead conveys its appeal (as well as its content) to the reader via the title. This is why you will need to adopt the role of a salesperson if you hope to encounter the most appropriate name for your soon-to-be active site. Here are some fundamental guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Try to keep the name as simple as possible.
  • Be sure that the title is relevant to the products and services that you are offering.
  • Avoid generic names.
  • Take inspiration from other firms which are already established within your intended retail sector.

Of course, the process will take a bit of time and it is important to be patient. You might also be pleased to learn that there are a handful of useful software bundles which can make choosing the proper name much easier and streamlined than in the past.

The Advantage of Automated Software 

There are several cloud-based systems which are now able to guide you along the way. Not only will they immediately determine whether or not a name has already been registered, but bundles such as Shopify can even help you manage any sub-domains that might be present. From securing this name to subsequently setting up an e-commerce platform and managing online sales, there are a wealth of utilities at your disposal.

Selecting the most appropriate domain name for your website is arguably the most crucial phase in terms of online marketing. This is why a bit of patience will be required if you hope to walk away a digital winner.

Watch this handy little video for some tips on making your eCommerce journey a success.