46 Inexpensive Tat-Free Stocking Fillers for Kids

Christmas Stocking

The Facebook Community says…

Social media and forums are a fantastic source of great ideas as they are made by real people in groups with a common interest and a desire to share their tips and advice to help others.

One user posted a call-out for help finding stocking fillers for her children aged 10, 8 & 6. She was searching for plastic free and inexpensive in particular but most important not tat as she wanted it to last, be eco-friendly where possible and not burn a hole in her purse.

There are lots of similar suggestions, which just goes to show how popular these items are.

We’ve rounded up the best suggestions and hope these will prove helpful, please feel free to comment on the article with your own suggestions too.

Stocking Filler Ideas

  1. Socks! Pencils, or a magazine they always ask for, chocolate coins
  2. Socks, card game, colouring book and pencils, bamboo toothbrush, their own soap, bath bombs, knitting needles and wool for older ones perhaps even a small craft project i.e. a soft toy to hand sew. Felting.
  3. Delish jams, yummy protein mixes, drinks, chocolate, biscuits – local health food shops or maybe even a ZERO shop could work wonderfully – just imagine lots of little paper packages tied with string filled with little nibbles
  4. Books, socks and foil wrapped chocolates
  5. Pants, socks, etc things they need plus some chocolates and sweets
  6. Make your own rainbow playdough
  7. A beautiful jar to collect daily gratitude and or daily memories in
  8. Homemade brownie / cookie mix with dry ingredients only in a jar with instructions on how to make them
  9. Lanka kade wooden animals are about £2.50 each
  10. Pack of playing cards and a book of card games for kids
  11. Holztiger animals for the little one. Also finger puppets.
  12. Chocolate coins, small chocolate bars, sataumas, packet of raisins, clothes (socks, tights or pants, pyjamas), toy (something that will be played with again ie a train, a car, a pack of cards, a lego person, a playmobil person, a small book, an annual, notepad)
  13. We theme our stockings:
    – Read
    – Eat
    – Play
    – Wear
  14. Charity shop and buy a second-hand T shirt each. Small toy cars/figures are usually cheap at charity shops too plus books generally cost about a £1 each depending how big your stockings are
  15. Top Trumps / bag tag for their backpack, movie day with mum or dad / mini colouring book / find a word book / I spy – where’s Wally – Animalia
  16. Vouchers!!! MY daughter asked for a week of unhealthy snacks at school … were going to add tickets to our cheap kids cinema showing, vouchers for a daddy /daughter hour, or games evening… that kind of a thing!!!
  17. Gem stones/crystals
  18. Nice stationery is always good
  19. Satsumas, little puzzle books, mini Lego sets, new colouring pencils, toy car, toy dinosaur
  20. Bath bomb, art materials, apron/cookery kit
  21. Fun, bright gloves. Choc coins
  22. Reusable water bottle, some metal straws, bamboo toothbrushes, a bath bomb, fluffy socks and some chocolates
  23. Home bargains have old schooomstocking fillers, mainly wooden. Things like yo yo’s, jaxs miniature chess. I’ve also got some bits from local shops like mini knitted trees with a chocolate in
  24. How about some modelling bees wax
  25. Novelty socks, hat, scarf. gloves/mittens set
  26. Some seeds to grow their own flowers or vegetables next year
  27. Underwear, socks, toothbrushes (bamboo), bubble bath, wash cloth, chocolate, books, second-hand toys. Craft/art things.
  28. Socks, pants, chocolate, apple, orange, toothpaste & toothbrush
  29. You could write your own coupons for things you can do for them. Such as, you will clean their room. You will cook their favorite dessert. You will massage their feet. Things like that. Go crazy with this idea. It will be fun. Ask them what they would like on a coupon
  30. Seeds, Grow Your Own Kits
  31. I bought my 9 year old a set of her own knitting needles
  32. Stationery, underwear, bamboo toothbrush, books, Bath stuff, chocolate, reusable straw, reusable cup, soap, solid shampoo, hat/scarf/gloves, apron, satsuma, charity shop finds
  33. Lush do lovely children’s bath bombs
  34. Homemade chocolates and candy
  35. We bought a tin music box and kaleidoscope
  36. Paint your own mug‘, top trumps, origami paper/instructions
  37. Socks, pants, pens for the older one, pencils for the youngest, chocolate, a nail care kit
  38. What about a ‘token’ to read a book together or go to the park
  39. Wooden dolly bobbins
  40. Small colouring books and pencils
  41. Set of pens, chocolate, socks, slippers, a key ring for their school bag, a drinks bottle, dvd, book, craft set i.e crochet for kids or a model painting kit
  42. Hat, Gloves, socks, bamboo toothbrush, reusable folding straw
  43. Small magic sets
  44. Bath bombs, soap, hair scrunchies, some fluffy socks, a packet of chocolates, sweets
  45. Gorgeous smelling soap free body cleansing pebbles – chemical free and no plastic packaging
  46. Unusual plants or seeds, just brought my sons a Rose of Jericho plant, Venus flytrap

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