5 Ways To Upgrade The Busiest Areas Of Your Home


Simple tips to upgrade your home

Upgrade your home and childs bedroomOur homes can be hectic places, with people constantly coming and going. So, it’s necessary to know how to keep your home in great condition, and what budget-friendly changes you can make to do protect your home from daily footfall and wear and tear.

From reaping the benefits of splashback tiles, to simple DIY measures like using felt-pads, we’ve rounded up our top five ways for upgrading the busiest areas of your home. Read on to find out more.

Protect your carpets

There’s nothing worse than watching your kids trampling mud across your cream carpets, but in a busy household, a few stains and a bit of general wear and tear is inevitable. If your hallway carpet has seen better days, why not lay down an attractive rug to protect it from the army of feet coming into your home? This can capture most of the dirt that would otherwise be dragged across your carpet, and it can also give your hallway a fresh new look at a purse-friendly price!

Connecting the upper and lower tiers of your home, it’s no surprise that the stairs will certainly need more TLC than other areas. So, make sure your existing carpet or floorboards are protected with a stair runner, which will prevent your flooring from being scuffed, scratched or damaged. As runners can loosen and move when attached with adhesive, some stair rods — like these ones from Stair Rods Direct — can be helpful in keeping your carpet in place securely and stylishly. Plus, the attractive high-quality finishes will give your staircase an instant refresh.

Use soft furnishings

Upgrade your home with soft furnishings

Most upholstered furniture is vulnerable to spills and stains, no matter if you’ve opted for fabric or leather. So, whether the kids insist on eating their messy snacks in front of the TV, or your pet has taken a liking to your leather couch, lay down an alternative for them to enjoy, so you can rest easy about your expensive sofa’s lifespan!

Decorative cushions can add a new vibe to any recreational space, like the living room. Investing in a couple of large floor cushions, like these ones from Just Floor Cushions, encourage both pets and kids alike to take a seat somewhere other than your expensive sofa. This will help to prevent any future stains, spillages or damage and keep your sofas and chairs looking better for longer.

Invest in splashback tiles

While many of us opt for light airy colours to open up our kitchen space, when you have white walls surrounding your cooker, it’s an accident waiting to happen. Preserve your walls by incorporating some splashback tiles in your kitchen. These will save your walls from sauce splatters, and their slippery gloss surfaces means they are much more resistant to staining, as well as being quick and easy to wipe-clean.

Opt for a solid shade to complement the rest of your kitchen’s colour theme or inject a burst of culture and colour with mosaic styles — just be aware that the varying textures of some decorative tiles can make them a bit harder to clean.

Make your paint job last

Smarten up your scuffed and marked walls with a paint refresh. Whether you choose to opt for a fresh new colour or want to stick to the same tones, repainting busy areas like the hallways and landings will give your home an instant update.

When selecting your colour, you may also want to think about choosing a washable paint that you can wipe a wet cloth over when it becomes marked — without fear of undoing all your hard work! Brands like Dulux have a variety of colours in their stain repellent paints, so you can keep your home looking fresher for longer, while achieving your desired look.

Get some furniture pads

Nothing makes us squirm nearly as much as someone dragging their chair across our kitchen floor, but while there’s no telling kids, there are some solutions to prevent this from damaging your flooring.

Furniture pads are typically made of a soft felt material and come in a range of different shapes and sizes to accommodate furniture of all sizes. They stick to the base of your furniture legs to stop them from causing damage, like scratching and denting, to your floors. This can be particularly useful for kitchen tables and chairs, as there’s bound to be plenty of opportunity for damage in this area. Lots of varieties, like these Wood Pecker Flooring felt pads, are relatively cheap, so you don’t have to worry too much about the cost of replacing them!

Upgrading your home can be as expensive or as cheap as you like, but who doesn’t love a bargain? Follow our top tips for upgrading your home to benefit from big changes with small price tags!