Keep Sane with our Top 10 Summer Holiday Money Saving Tips and Secrets


Summer Holiday Money Saving Tips

Summer Holidays and Money Saving do not always spring to mind when that time much anticipated time of year comes around that children live for. The end of July brings about so much excitement as the kids gear up to all the free time that they realise they can have but this feeling is not always shared by the parents.

The end of July is typically the start of six weeks where children now need 24/7 entertaining and care. Free time for kids means no more free time for adults. It also means a lot more money that needs to be spent not only on activities, an increase in food costs but also childcare costs if parents are working.

Here are a few tips to save a bit of cash as well as save your sanity and still give your kids an awesome Summer to remember.

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1. Make A Time Table

At the start of the summer make a timetable of all the weeks until the start of term. This will help you organise the summer and see how to make it work best for you. For example, if you know that the kids are going to go to Granny and Grampa for a week then plan the specific week in the planner, that way you can plan your life around it too. Also this gives children something visual to look at and be excited about making the occasional unplanned day more bearable and makes identifying Summer Holiday Money Saving areas that much easier.

2. Do Free Things Such As Museums

Fill up days on the timetable with things that are free to do. In the UK all museums are free and a lot of them are really cool to visit for all ages. Most museums will ask for a donation at the door but you do not have to pay. You are perfectly within your right to just walk by.

3. Home Arts & Crafts

Look at sites such as Pinterest for examples and ideas on how to use objects from home and make fun arts and crafts with objects found at home or in the recycling. This is always a winner and costs next to nothing to organise.

4. Organise Play Dates Well Ahead of Time

Playdates are a great way to fill up the holiday timetable. Sharing days means that each household gets a day off. It also is a really cheap way of entertaining a child all day.

5. Plan Weeks At Grandparents

Weeks at the grandparents (or another loving relative) is always a winner in terms of giving children something to look forward to and for giving you some time to yourself.

6. Go Camping

Going away on holiday can be really pricey during the summer food, hotels, activities are all set at premium holiday rates. If you want to find another way of going away on a minimal budget, then camping is always a great idea. It is much cheaper than going to stay at a hotel and it provides a lot more entertainment than a hotel room. Also it gives you a chance to take advantage of the summer weather.

7. National Trust

The National Trust has a huge selection of interesting sites to visit for a very reasonable price You can purchase a family package which lasts the whole year and means you have countless days out all included in the price. Sites include castles, monuments, estates, stately homes, memorials and parks. They also give you a great book with all the details when you become a member but there is also an app for a handbag friendly approach.

8. Do A Big Shop Before The Holidays To Buy Extra Snacks

Being home all day means that children are more likely to make the hopeful trip to the refrigerator. Do a big shop before the holiday starts so that you are prepared for the increase in food consumption. Also so that when you are out you won’t waste money on buying snacks that your children see in the aisles.

Plus! Meal planning is your friend! See our Meal Planner For Busy Parents.

9. Look In Your Local Paper/Ask Your Local Library About Holiday Events

There are always local events organised in most communities but often due to a lack of funding they are not often well advertised. Look out for news in your local paper or keep an eye out for hand-drawn signs on street pools. The local library or church sometimes has information about events happening in the area.

10. Search For Specials Online for Movies, Theme Parks and Events

There are always deals going for movies and theme parks etc. So rather than going on any day pre-book a day and pay the special price. That way it can go on the timetable and be an event to be looked forward to.

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Rather than being a time of stress or worry, holidays should be an opportunity to spend quality time with your kids. Hopefully, with these tips, you can get closer to a peaceful happy summer.

Have a great Summer!

Written by Kirsten Farquarson for