Let’s be honest: times are hard, especially when it comes to finances. For those of us who earn tips on top of our wages, we know that our total weekly pay is very much tied to our performance. However, there are apparently a lot of other variables that can affect whether or not you will be tipped well, if at all.

For example, according to a recent study published by Voucherbox, 23% of British diners are more likely to tip their waiter or waitress if they are physically attracted to them. Alternatively, 40% of diners refuse to leave a tip at all if the individual serving them has an offensive case of body odour.

Meanwhile Michael Lynn, a food and beverage management professor at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration who has years of experience with tipping tactics, believes that establishing social connections with customers is the most important step towards being tipped. “The simple fact is, we’re more likely to want to help someone we’re connected to,” Lynn told Forbes in 2014, “and we’re more likely to care about someone’s opinion, what someone else thinks of us, if we have a social connection to them.”

To help you improve your financial situation, we’ve compiled a simple list of three tactics you can use to up your tipping game:

Make A Good First Impression

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When you first approach your customers, make sure you make a good first impression by introducing yourself. In a study conducted by the New York Federal Reserve Bank of New York, waitresses who introduced themselves increased their tips by 56% from $3.49 to $5.44.

In addition to this, a study that took place in France found that waitresses who wore makeup during their shifts received tips 50% more often and 26% higher than their bare-faced counterparts. Red lipstick made a particularly big impression on male customers and results in larger tips.

Stand Out

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If we want to be memorable, we must do something that makes us stand out in someone’s memory. This is particularly easy for women as wearing a flower in your hair or some interesting jewellery is sure to catch your customer’s attention.

For men, Lynn has suggested in the past that unusual ties or humorous buttons and puns are very effective – though they must of course conform to the dress code. Try to avoid anything that could be considered controversial such as political or religious sayings, as this probably won’t encourage customers to be generous.

Get Close and Personal

Of course, there are boundaries one should not cross whilst serving customers, but there are a few personal touches you can apply that are sure to help you get a tip. First, simply stand closer to your customer – within half a foot for example – to make a connection. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try squatting down next to the table so that you are face to face with them, enabling you to make eye contact.

Once the order has been recorded, don’t forget to compliment their choice as this could boost your tip significantly. After all, praise is always welcomed! After this, make sure to repeat the order and ensure you’ve done your job to the best of your ability.

There are numerous ways you can tailor the way you work to help you earn that little bit extra, as personal touches are always highly regarded. We hope by using these tips as well as those you can see some financial improvements.