According to a recent survey by leading beach holiday specialist On the Beach, holidays are great for our health. To celebrate this great news, we pulled together some top tips on how you can make the most of your holiday health kick with the family in tow…

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Get Active

With 29% Brits admitting to not partaking in any regular exercise when they’re at home in the UK, booking a holiday might be the incentive you need to boost your physical health sooner rather than later. According to On the Beach’s research, one in 10holiday makers start to look after their physical health between four and six months before their holiday… that’s a long and healthy period of gym regimes and healthy eating. So, by booking an August holiday today, you’re more likely to hit the gym as of tomorrow, in turn having a positive impact on our health for several months (and of course give you something to look forward to all your hard work).

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Get active

It’s easy to overindulge when we’re on our jollies. Quite rightly, relaxation is often at the top of our priorities when we’re away. It can call for daily eating out, longer lie-ins and glorious days lounging in the sun… but we’ll come back to that later. With most things though, balance is key. The internet is rife with articles explaining how even an hour of physical exercise can reap an abundance of health benefits. So in short, keep your family active on holiday. There are plenty of ways to do this such as by playing sports on the beach, playing tennis at the on-site tennis courts or taking a stroll into town.

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Try the local cuisine

There’s nothing quite like the flavour of the local fruits and vegetables you try when on holiday. Somehow, they taste much more delicious in their natural climate. It’s quite handy really; feeding your family with the most nutritious produce on offer is easy when it’s also the most delicious. Plan ahead and scout out the nearby restaurants that use local, organic ingredients that also have a varied kids’ menu: a sure-fire winning recipe.

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Be in (and out) of the sun

Shot of a happy young family playing together on the beach

As we emerge from the throes of a very British wintertime, many of us are in need of that precious and rare thing we like to call sunlight. As has been in the news lately, increased exposure to sunlight can help your body to create vitamin D which helps to generate calcium, maintain bone health and protect against several diseases.

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Closeup of feet row lying in line at summer beach

And breathe. The best thing about going on holiday is taking the time to switch off from the stressors of everyday life and sink into the sand without a care in the world. Regular relaxation is essential for reducing our stress levels. Stress, as we all know, can exacerbate a multitude of health problems such as dementia, high blood pressure, heart-attacks, strokes, mental health issues, digestion issues… the list goes on. If that isn’t reason enough to make sure your family is taking ample time to relax, we don’t know what is. And what better way to relax than by sipping an ice cold drink in the sun? But what can you do for your senior loves ones if they cant travel anymore. For the elderly with memory problems they need in home dementia care.

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