Review of Geneveve™ by Viveve – A Simple Treatment for Vaginal Laxity that can Impact Overall Well-being


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We sent one of our MyFamilyClub members to trial the treatment at their North London clinic.

Written by Michelle Pegler, mother of 3 children based in Buckinghamshire.

I attended Dr Mayoni’s Treatwell Clinic in Honor Oak Park for the Geneveve treatment which is a non-surgical procedure designed to effectively treat vaginal laxity. I had previously read about the treatment and having had three children naturally and suffered with laxity, a lack of sensitivity and leakage issues for years – I was very intrigued to find out if the treatment actually worked.

About the Treatment

Geneveve Vaginal LaxityThe Geneveve treatment was specifically designed to help millions of women who would otherwise silently accept vaginal laxity. Geneveve works at a cellular level to rebuild and restore collagen within the vaginal tissue – without surgery and without disrupting the surface tissue. The Geneveve treatment delivers patented deep heating and surface cooling to stimulate the body’s own natural regenerative processes. In multiple studies, including large, randomized, blinded and placebo-controlled trials, women who received the Geneveve treatment showed statistically significant and sustained improvements in vaginal tightness, sensation and satisfaction at 12 months post treatment.

What Happened Next

Dr MayoniDr Mayoni and I had a consultation call which can be made using Skype or Facetime a few days’ prior to the treatment and this was invaluable; I was nervous about having the Geneveve treatment and unsure of what to expect.

Dr Mayoni was fantastic and at the end of the call I felt totally comfortable about attending my appointment in three days’ time. After having a chat about the issues I was experiencing since having all of my children, Dr Mayoni outlined how the treatment works and what I could expect. I was really pleased to hear that Dr Mayoni had herself had the treatment and that she was able to share her experience with me. It was obvious to me that she was passionate about this treatment and the positive impact it can have on a woman’s self-esteem, confidence and quality of life.

The clinic is easily accessible and a two -minute walk from the nearest train station. The clinic is very bright with double glazed windows so are more resistant and you can see inside the main reception area as you approach. I was greeted by Naomi the Clinic Manager with a big smile and an offer of a drink while I waited. The reception area was clean and smelt lovely.  There were lots of products around and information on various treatments available at the clinic.

Dr Mayoni greeted me at my allocated appointment time and showed me to a lovely treatment room where I then prepared for the treatment.  A small probe, the size of a thumb, was inserted and gently turned to ensure that it connected with all areas. All I could feel was a hot and then cold sensation and it was all completely comfortable. The treatment lasted about 45 minutes.

Dr Mayoni had informed me that the full effects of the treatment could take up to three months to appear, however, some women have reported results within 30 days of the treatment.

Post Treatment

After the treatment I felt full and slightly bloated. I left the clinic after booking a telephone appointment with Naomi for two weeks’ time.

Within one week I had noticed that the leakage which I had experienced on a daily basis had almost diminished. I was still using panty-liners as I was not sure what to expect after the treatment, but only on one occasion did I have to change the liners.  My partner said that he could feel the difference during sex and I could too.

During the second week post treatment, I did experience a little more leakage which I discussed with Naomi during our telephone call. However, I was ecstatic with the general results, Naomi asked to speak to me again in two weeks’ time.

I am now in the third week since my treatment and I can honestly say that the leakage issue has significantly improved and I rarely use panty liners. My sex life has significantly improved , the sensitivity has increased and I feel much more confident.

The Geneveve treatment is an investment for any woman who is suffering from issues similar to mine. Evidence shows that treatment lasts for roughly a year and in my view it is worth every penny.

The Geneveve treatment utilizes the Viveve® System, a patented, radiofrequency technology for tightening the tissues around the vaginal introitus or opening. Unlike surgical vaginal reconstruction procedures, the Geneveve by Viveve can tighten vaginal tissue without incisions, tissue ablation, or anaesthesia.

Prices start at £1500.00 but prices may vary. To book an appointment at your nearest clinic, please visit


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We have given a 5-star rating Geneveve for professionalism by medical staff, treatment results, value for money and overall experience.