8 Terrific Tips On Packing For Your Family Holidays


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Most people are familiar with the image of an open bag, a messy room and a slumped unmotivated person perched in the middle with a look of “I don’t know what to pack” across their face. Whilst going on holiday is great, packing is not usually a task people look forward to doing. It is even worse when you have to pack for your children. Here are 8 terrific tips when packing for your Family Holidays.

1. Start Packing The Day Before

Since packing is such an onerous task it is often left to the last minute. This makes the experience that much more dreadful as your mind begins to race as to what to bring. Start thinking about what to bring two days before departure, this gives you a day to figure out what you still need and go out and buy. Then make sure everything is in the bag the night before. Lay out the clothes your family will need for the departure day and pack everything else. That way you make sure you don’t leave anything behind making your departure day as relaxed as possible.

2. Don’t Bring Those Things You Think You ‘Might’ Need

We are all guilty of looking at those extra pair of shoes and thinking “well I might need them”. Chances are you won’t. A good rule of thumb is only bring what your family wears over the weekend. If you don’t like using it at home you won’t use it on holiday. Also often you find you can always make do with what you have even if it is not exactly what you needed.

3. Sun Screen

An easy oversight but if you remember to pack some you will save yourself a great deal. Sunscreen is much more expensive at holiday destinations. Also don’t forget to pack some after sun. A cheaper option is some E45 cream which is very soothing on sun burnt skin

4. Small First Aid Kit For Mild Maladies

There are always going to be bumps and bruises on holiday and rather than wrapping children up in bubble wrap it is a good idea to pack a few first aid necessities. Being prepared for illness and accidents is not having a pessimistic attitude it is just common sense. Examples to include in your kit is some disinfectant, plasters, eye drops, nausea medication, pain medication, cold and flu medication, diarrhoea medication, tweezers, saline solution, bandage, cotton wool, ear drops. You know what your family is likely to suffer from and so pack accordingly. Also it is a good idea to google the area you are going to and figure out what you might need. For serious maladies there are always the local clinics so make sure you apply for your EHIC card if travelling in the EU. It is free to apply for and means that you can have access to healthcare in any country in the EU.

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5. Insect Repellent and Bite Cream

Depending on where you are going this is a must pack. There is nothing worse than being itchy all holiday long. A cheaper option for repellent is citronella cream which also smells a lot nicer than most repellents and is more gentle on the skin. Also Lavender oil works great for bites and stops the itching almost immediately.

6. Hair Detangling Spray

On a holiday full of sun and swimming tangled hair can be a real nightmare. Dealing with it leaves the option of a child with dreadlocks or a permanent tear festival when trying to comb it out. Don’t forget to pack some detangling spray to avoid the trauma for both sides. A cheaper option is some conditioner diluted with water in a spray bottle.

7. Snacks

If you are travelling to a place with food that is very different from the food your children are used to then it is a good idea to pack a few snacks that you know your children will like. Things such as cereal and biscuits can save a lot of tears when a hungry child won’t eat anything that you buy for them.

8. Entertainment

The most difficult thing about travelling with children is keeping them entertained on the journey. Make sure to pack some things to keep them busy such as books, games, colouring activities etc. If you have a tablet then it is a great idea to load some movies or music on the tablet but don’t forget to bring an earphone splitter so that more than one child can listen at once.

Also these things double up as entertainment whilst on holiday. Being on holiday is a great time to bond as a family and so make sure you have some cards, board games and other activities you can do as a family in the evening.

Enjoy your summer!

Written by Kirsten Farquarson for MyFamilyClub.co.uk