There are few greater ways to spend quality time as a family and see the beauty of the UK than with a road trip. For many people looking back at their childhood, they will have many happy memories of playing games, listen to music and bonding with their parents and siblings from the backseat of the family car.

With these types of trips, a toyota hilux canopy can be fitted to your vehicle and used by the rugged tradesman for security or by the outback adventurer for durability. In order to have a fun, safe and stress-free trip around the UK with younger family members, there are a few important considerations.



No matter where you are headed or how long the journey is, you are likely to hear the notorious “are we there yet?” question. Kids can become bored quickly, which is why you need to prepare for this and have a few tricks up your sleeve. There are dozens of excellent car games to play during long journeys, but you can also keep them occupied with music, audio books and reading materials. You could also consider a portable device that enables them to watch TV and/or films. Another great way to keep them happy, content and occupied is with drinks and snacks, so be sure to pack plenty of these.

Safety & Comfort

Perhaps most important, however, is safety and comfort. Safety is always paramount when it comes to driving, so you need to ensure that everybody is safely strapped in at all times and that you do not drive when tired. If using a child car seat, be sure that it is properly installed before setting off.

Comfort is also crucial, as it is likely that you will all spend many hours in the car without taking a break. The safety and comfort can be improved with a vehicle that is designed for families. Typically, these cars are spacious, reliable and have plenty of space for storing equipment. In many cases, these family cars also come in with a range of built-in entertainment features too.

Regular Pit Stops

Although the travelling can be fun, it can also become tiring for everyone after a while. This is why it is crucial that you take regular stops and ideally at designated areas; this will allow you and the kids to stretch your legs, get some fresh air and use the restroom. Stopping often and for short breaks is recommended over less frequent but longer breaks. It is worth researching prior to your road trip some kid-friendly eateries to visit along the way.

Keep Things Fresh

One of the biggest mistakes that parents make during road trips with kids is not to keep things fresh. One parent should be driving whilst the other provides entertainment, but it is crucial to change this throughout the journey. Additionally, you could even switch the seating arrangement and join the kids in the back for periods of time. This can prevent boredom and make the trip more memorable

Whilst road trips are a terrific family activity, they can also be stressful. With these tips, the journey is sure to be a success and you will all make many happy memories whilst out on the road.

Written by Ben Barlow