10 Activities Kids Will Love To Do In The Forest


Did you know that the largest forest in the UK is called Gallway Forest Park? This beautiful and expanse forest is set in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland and is 297 miles

Forests offer an incredible learning environment for both children and adults a like and spending time outdoors in nature as a family can be an incredible bonding experience as you create special memories and spend quality time together offline.


We’ve put together 10 fun activities that families can do together to have fun and make the most of the time outside.

There are plenty of other fun things to do in the forest, we hope you enjoy your time.

Child in the forest


Look for mini beasts

Grab the magnifying glasses and the collection pots and go and hunt for creatures. You can take pics and identify them when you get back home or back to base. A wonderful way to help children learn about their environment.

2. Easter egg hunt

Hunting for chocolate in the woods? How delightful. Let your little and big one run wild as they hunt down tasty treats hidden in the forest. We are sure a few will accidentally go amiss as the parents help with the search.

3. Mountain biking

Why not pack your bikes and set off on a woodland trail. Great exercise for all the family and there really is something lovely about biking through woodland. The sounds and the smells are a great reminder of why being outdoors amongst nature is so rewarding.

4. Star gazing with late night picnic

Far away from Cities and pollution, the sky always seems so much darker and clearer. Why not ingest the magic of the night sky and pack a little picnic and star gaze. You can see what stars you can identify and if you are lucky enough to see a shooting star, you can all make a wish as you nestle in between the beautiful trees.

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5. Scavenger hunt

Keeping the kids engaged is the priority with a scavenger hunt so try not to make finding objects to difficult and stick to common and easily identifiable objects so they get a small send of achievement at each find. If you have older children you can add a little prize for the group that gathers all of the items first.

Try to add a few human trash items which can be brought home to recycle so you can teach educate children at the same time on the importance of litter picking and recycling.

Scavenger hunt

6. Make mud pie

Get mucky with mud, collect mud that is wriggly worm free and all you need is lots of mud, some water and big mixing stick.

7. Create some wild art

Pre-pack some modelling clay and collect items from the forest and add them to the clay to make a wild sculpture. You can add pretty flowers, stones, sticks, acorns and anything else you can find.

8. Make a home for a wild animal

With so many different species of wildlife thriving in the forest, why not draw up a little plan before you head out to the forest of the things you need to build a small habitat for a wild animal.

9. Wellie boot collection

Take some double sided sticky tape and a pair of feet in wellies and go and see what can be found and stuck to the sides. Such a fun way to be creative and you can even compare all the different things when you get back to base whether that be in a tent or a log cabin.

10. Build a small fire and toast marshmallows

There’s nothing quite like toasted marshmallows, both kids and adults alike just love getting them all toasty and gooey, something so wonderful about the whole process. Either collect sticks and whittle them down for skewers or pack your own. Don’t forget the giant marshmallows.

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