Deliberately slow (don’t call them lazy), Sloths spend most of their time hanging high up in the treetops. Did you know that sloths are an endangered species?

We’ve put together our top 10 sloth gifts this Christmas. We just love these funny, happy little creatures.

1. Jellycat Cyril the Sloth


Jellycat Cyril the Sloth

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2. Sloth Linkimals by Fischer Price


Sloth Linkimal

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3. Where’s the Sloth?: A Super Sloth Search-and-Find Book


Wheres the Sloth?

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4. Sloth Onesie


Sloth Onesie

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5. FRINGOO® Plush Sloth Pencil Case


FRINGOO Sloth Pencil Case

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6. Sloth Hoodie for Kids & Teens


Youth Kids Sloth Hoodie

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7. Ty Dangler Sloth Beanie Boo


Ty Dangler Sloth Beanie Boo

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8. Bolonbi Sloth Necklace


Bolonbi Sloth Necklace

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9. Spotted Zebra Unisex Kid’s 4-Piece Snug-fit Cotton Pajama Set

£12.00 – £17.00

Sloth Pyjamas

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10. Fred SLOW BREW Sloth Tea Infuser


Sloth Tea InfuserBuy now

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