6 Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas Stocking

Baby's First Christmas - Newborn

Baby’s first Christmas is one you will cherish for years. For first-time parents, it’s a time to include baby in as many holiday traditions as possible, that includes the Christmas Stocking. Though it can be tricky deciding what to have as stocking stuffers, they always manage to look so gorgeous hung above the fireplace or next to the tree and because of this they’re definitely well worth doing to mark both babies first Christmas and the first Christmas as a parent I’ve put together some useful suggestions for anyone creating your own stocking or putting one together as a gift for someone else’s little one. 

Bath Toys

It won’t be long before bath time becomes about exploration and play. Get ready to take on bath time with full force; squirt toys, mini bubble machine, fun bars of soap and foam letters are all great contenders to make for a perfect stocking stuffer. 

Seat Organiser 

If you and your partner are doing a secret Santa stocking for all things surrounding baby’s first Christmas this unsung hero is one your other half will love, who said gifts for the parents can’t be included! A handy seat organiser keeps all of your child’s toys, games, drinks and snacks in one place and not all over the car, if you’re on the market for an organiser, there’s a whole load of Britax products for sale at Kiddies Kingdom which includes several different variations of these beauties. 

Ultimate Teddy

Babies love to touch and feel new textures, that’s why soft toys provide the perfect way of developing sensory skills and emotional growth. This furry gift is going to be their first childhood friend so make sure you choose a good one, remember to ensure it’s ‘baby friendly’ as you don’t want small parts or lose fibres that may present hazards. 

Baggy T-shirt 

Again, this is one for the adults. Being a first-time parent, you have absolutely no time for fashion and style, all those nice clothes you used to wear are pushed to the back of the wardrobe and out comes the practical parent attire. You can’t have enough baggy t-shirts whether you wear them all day or you carry one with you for those unexpected emergencies. 


This isn’t the most inspiring of them all, however bibs are an absolute necessity. The number of bibs you go through is overwhelming, baby will; dribble, spill food and without a doubt will be sick more often than you may expect. This happens more than once a day so stacking up the bibs in the stocking isn’t a bad shout. 

Personalised Stocking

Not only is this insanely adorable having your baby’s very own personalised Christmas stocking, this is something you can keep forever with sentimental value always to remember this special Christmas. You could get stuck into DIY and hand make your stocking or order one in a chosen colour with baby’s name on. 


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