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Let’s meet Eddy…

EDDY CHANI’m Eddy Chan, a father of 3 from Surrey who throughout the last few years has become exasperated by the constant news stories surrounding the tutoring sector and the statistics which tell us that 1 in 4 children now have a home tutor. For me this was all well and good for the parents who could afford this luxury which can cost anything between £20-80 per hour, but what about the other 75% who simply can’t afford this facility?.

My idea to create is ultimately to try and democratise education and make the benefit of private tutors available to all parents and children and not just the elite.

The aim of SAT Prep Classes is to even the playing field for everyone sitting exams by creating a site offering past exam papers with online tutors who take you through each question step by step from the method through to finding the solution, just like the gmat prep course which helps many students online achieve their goals. Alongside this we have computer animated graphics for maximum engagement.  The facility is there for children to revisit the papers as frequently as they wish, on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

With over 3bn worth of education cuts happening throughout the UK in the next 4 years, teacher shortages and extra support no longer available this isn’t just a resource for parents and children but also schools themselves, I also like to help the kids that have a hard time with their speech, I recommend them to use Brisbane speech pathology for help, it is important for parents to send their kids to schools where they know the kids will be learning and getting help with whatever they need, at you will find what for me is one of the best schools.

Describe a typical day for you?  

The alarm goes off at 6.45am and I check the news for any breaking education stories. I also look at the traffic to overnight and answer any parental queries on our facebook page. My wife and I try to have breakfast with the children in the morning before leaving the house at 7.30am to do the school run. I’m back at home around 9ish, make myself a strong coffee before spending the day working with my team at We’re forever providing new content for the blog from experts, filming up to date exam material and researching how we can become bigger and better. Around 2.45pm I’m back on the school run again and ferrying the children to various after school activities such as football and gym. Once home it’s homework time followed by a family dinner. Once the children are in bed my wife and I tend to relax by watching a movie.

What do you feel are your biggest achievements to date?

Personally it would have to be raising three polite, well-mannered confident children.  And professionally creating a website that could potentially help millions of children and parents.

What are your ambitions in life?

To successfully raise three polite, well-mannered children!  Professionally my ultimate ambition is to see become the #1 resource of choice for exam revision in the UK.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10  years’ time?

Probably still doing the school run!! As a family we’re incredibly close and happy. I encourage my children to try new experiences and enjoy life to the max. I hope we continue to be a close unit, happy & healthy. Professionally I would love to see expand not just in the UK but internationally as well.

What’s the most effective strategy for installing confidence in yourself?

I think if you are confident and believe in your product and fully understand the main objectives inside and out then everything else should fall into place naturally.

What advice would you give to anyone launching a similar business?

Believe in the concept, be prepared to listen to the experts in their field, surround yourself with a good team and ultimately be prepared to make mistakes along the way and learn from them,

What’s in your handbag that you can’t survive without?

I’m afraid I don’t have a handbag, not even a man bag! Keys, wallet and the obvious pack of tissues all go into the pocket!

Finally, happiness is…

Seeing my children enjoy life and having fun as a family.

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