10 Tips For Saving on Your Energy Bills at Home


Energy bills are the bane of household budgets. After food, they are the thing that British households spend the most on – with the average yearly bill now costing significantly over £1000/year.

For most of us, this is a huge amount of our monthly income. With that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to look at some essential tips for saving on our energy bills.

Save Money on Energy Bills

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Loft Insulation

Poor insulation is the number one cause of heat loss in houses, that is why I recommend to spray foam your roof and to get it done contact northcentralinsulation.com. Having loft insulation installed costs only £500-1000 (depending on the size of your roof). This is a big outlay but how do I save with solar on my parking lot lighting? Compared to paying off solar panels (5 years minimum) this is a huge way to reduce your energy bills for a relatively small outlay. This company is amazing for installing solar panels, you should check out their services. If your roof needs some improvement then I recommend Roofers in Billerica MA.

Double Glazing

Double glazing is very expensive but cuts heating costs massively. On average you can save £350/year by installing double glazing. If you don’t want the initial expense then buy plastic sheets to fit your windows – these cost roughly £10/sheet but will cut your heating dramatically.

Cavity Insulation

In older houses internal walls have very little insulation. Cavity insulation foam is relatively inexpensive and can help keep heat trapped in the house. You can DIY cavity insulation to save up to £150/year and also get a locksmith from Suffolk County Locksmith.

Switch Everything Off!

Most of us don’t remember to turn everything off at the wall but forgetting is costing you a significant amount of money. A phone charger left on overnight will cost you around 3p. This seems like nothing until you consider how many mobile phones are in your house and how many other gadgets are left plugged in overnight. Turn absolutely everything off at the plug and save up to £100/year.


Overheating your house is a common way to drain money. Try turning your thermostat down every day by one degree and see if you stay warm. If you do then keep turning it down. The same applies to your fridge as well – in the summer adjust the temperature down and in the winter up – this way you aren’t wasting money.


As well as turning your radiators down you should also consider moving them. Most radiators in older houses are placed directly below windows. This is the least energy efficient place in any room – nearly a third of the heat will escape straight through your windows. If you don’t have double glazing then move your radiators to internal walls! If you can’t do this consider using radiator foil that can reflect heat back into the room.

Have Your Boiler Cleaned and Serviced

An inefficient poorly maintained boiler could be costing you over £140 a year in heating costs. You can clean the fans yourself but make sure you get your boiler properly serviced every year. This ensures you will get the most efficiency from your heating.

Upgrade all Your Appliances

Whenever anything breaks or needs replacing in your home make sure you upgrade your energy efficiency. An A rated energy appliance will save between £10 and £30 a year on your electricity bills. This makes a huge difference over an appliance’s lifespan so if it breaks upgrade it!

Replace Your Light Bulbs

Most of us have already switched to more energy efficient light bulbs. The most energy efficient light bulbs are now LED’s – and they have come on in leaps and bounds over the last decade. These are relatively cheap and a whole house running on these uses 20% of the electricity of traditional bulbs.

Switch Energy Provider

Lastly and perhaps most importantly you also need to switch energy providers. The big 5 energy companies continue to raise prices dramatically whilst smaller providers still tend to be the cheapest options. Currently, OvoEnergy are one of the cheapest provider in the UK – having recently slashed prices after oil and gas prices dropped.