Switch Energy Supplier: A Simple Guide To Save You £100s Per Year


With ever rising gas and electricity prices there has never been a better time to switch energy supplier! Read our guide which could help save you £100s per year.

Switching to a fixed deal lets you lock in your annual price and increasingly looks like a savvy move.

Have you checked whether there is a better deal out there? Making a smart switch to fix and save money could be an option to consider.

Switching to a fixed deal lets you lock in your annual price and increasingly looks like a savvy move.

It’s always good to start by talking to your current supplier, exploring your options via a comparison website and wait until you’re sure of the savings to make your move.

Fixed or Variable Rate Tariff?

A fixed rate tariff is one that doesn’t change: You are effectively locking into a fixed price for a certain period of time.

The main alternative is a variable rate tariff. As the name suggests, this price will rise and fall depending on decisions made by your energy supplier.

Fixed rate tariffs certainly aren’t always the cheapest around. In fact, families on fixed tariffs can lose out if gas or electricity prices fall – because the rates they pay won’t fall with them.

However, there are two main advantages of fixed tariffs. If energy prices look set to rise, switching to a fixed tariff should ensure your rate doesn’t spiral out of control.

And if your household budget is tight, a fixed tariff will give you some certainty about how much you’ll be paying each month – therefore making it easier to budget for other things.

Top Tips for a Cheaper Energy Bill

When looking for the cheapest energy supplier and the best-value tariff, keep the following things in mind:

  • Paying by monthly direct debit (rather than as and when you get a bill) should knock 5-10% off the price.
  • Dual fuel tariffs are sometimes cheaper – but not always. If you’re offered a dual fuel deal, see if paying separately works out cheaper.
  • Don’t let your energy company estimate your bill – always submit accurate meter readings instead. Estimates can be way off the mark, which means you’re either over-billed (and have to wait for a refund) or face whopping additional payments at the end of the year.
  • See whether your supplier has an internet tariff with paperless billing. This is often the cheapest tariff on offer, and just means they’ll contact you by email rather than by post.

How to Switch Energy Supplier and Save Money

Think switching energy supplier will involve a lot of work? You couldn’t be more wrong – it’s easy – and it could save you up to £294 per year. It only takes a few minutes to get a quote.

You could save up to £294 per year by switching

  • Enter your postcode on uSwitch to save up to £294 per year
  • Tell uSwitch who your current energy supplier is and how much energy you use
  • Tell them how you pay your bills e.g. direct debit
  • Discover the cheapest energy supplier for you in a comparable list
  • To switch energy supplier, enter a few more details including your address
  • An application is sent to your new energy supplier
  • Your new account with your new energy supplier is set up
  • Pay off your last bill at the end of your contract, cancel any direct debits to previous suppliers and take a meter reading
  • Switched!
  • Your energy supply won’t be interrupted, you won’t be billed twice and you’ll have 14 days to change your mind

Frequently Asked Questions

How do price comparison sites help?

You can switch energy supplier direct with your provider, but you will need some time to do the proper research and fill in all the necessary forms. Using a comparison site like uSwitch will help you save time and money, and simplify the whole process for you.

Rather than you trawling through each provider’s offers separately, the comparison site will automatically find the best deal for your needs, handle the whole switchover process, and complete all the paperwork.

What information do I need to switch energy supplier?

All you need is your postcode, your current supplier’s name and a copy of your bill.

Will I need to contact my new supplier?

No. uSwitch will send you an email as soon as you have confirmed the switch. Your new supplier will then be in touch within two weeks. They will also let your old supplier know that you are switching.

I am renting. Can I still switch?

Absolutely. It is illegal for landlords or letting agencies to prevent their tenants from switching energy suppliers.

Will I be billed twice?

No. Your new supplier will only take payments from the switch date, so you will not pay twice for the same thing. Once you’ve confirmed a switch, it’s always a good idea to contact your bank and cancel any direct debits or standing orders that you’ve set up with your old supplier.

Will my current energy supply be disrupted?

No. There will be no disruptions to your energy supply as you switch from your old energy supplier to a new one.

How often can I change my energy supplier?

You can change as many times as you want unless there are cancellations fees or your contract has substantial exit penalties. uSwitch has information on hand about various tariffs.

Will I get good service if I keep switching energy providers?

Yes. When you sign a new contract with an energy supplier, it will include service standards as part of terms and conditions that they are legally bound to stick to. So no matter how many times you switch, and no matter who your provider is, they are all bound by the same rules.

Will there be a cancellation fee?

In most cases, you won’t have to pay a cancellation fee to your current supplier. However, there are some exceptions, for example, fixed plans may include a cancellation penalty if you switch before the end of the fixed term. You should check the terms and conditions of your current plan to be clear.

How are my savings calculated?

uSwitch calculates your savings using prices provided directly by the gas and electricity suppliers. Price savings are based on information you provide about your current supplier and your consumption.

Your consumption is used to match the way you use gas and electricity with cheaper plans that would work for you. uSwitch is an impartial service – no gas or electricity supplier has a share in uSwitch, which means that the results are ranked by what works best for you.