7 Things You Can Recycle For Cash


Decluttering your home can not only be therapeutic but profitable too. It’s amazing how much of the so-called junk that can be found at the back of the drawer or under the bed that you can recycle for cash.

Often, the issue lies with the fact that some people don’t really know how to distinguish junk from valuable items, and even if they can, what do they do with these items or merchandise that could be sold?

You can sell your things on eBay, but as always, there is more than one way to approach things. Try recycling your old items to get some extra cash. Not only are you making money, but you’re also helping protect the environment!

Here are some ideas for items we all have lying around – and where you can take them if they’ve had their day.

7 Things You Can Recycle For Cash

1. Books


There are websites such as WeBuyBooks which are fantastic getting rid of your old and unwanted books and making some money at the same time! Alternatively, Amazon is another popular choice.

TOP TIP: If you have any books that you don’t have room for in your house/garage, but you’d really like to keep, check to see if they’re available as audiobooks. Older books are quite often free, or very cheap. This means you can sell, or give away your hardcopy, but always have the book on audio!

2. CDs, Games, and DVDs


MusicMagpie is a great site for recycling your unwanted media. Some items fetch as little as 30p, other items can fetch considerably more. It is very easy to check, either by scanning their barcodes with a webcam or by adding the barcode number manually.

The great advantage of using Music Magpie is that you send all your items at once and are paid when they are checked, so there’s no waiting for people to buy or send money – an easy way to recycle for cash.

3. Ink cartridges

It is fairly easy to recycle your used ink cartridges now, with many sites offering to take them off your hands for cash or loyalty points.

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One commonly used website, CashForCartridges.co.uk will pay up to £4.50 depending on the type of cartridge. Tesco also recycles ink cartridges through the Recycling Factory. If you are an avid Clubcard point saver, this one may be for you, with each cartridge earning up to 125 Green Clubcard points.

TOP TIP: Be aware though that it if you want to recycle the empty ink cartridges from work, you need to get permission; this may be considered theft otherwise.

4. Mobile phones


There are many sites that offer to give cash for old mobile phones – for some smartphones, you can get £100 or more back. Using a website such as Mobile Phone Xchange and Mazuma Mobile is definitely worth a look.

If you want a more detailed guide to recycling your mobile phone for cash, check out our full guide – we’ve got 9 ideal places for you to try!

5. Clothing


If you have unwanted but good quality garments hanging around, you can either recycle for cash or swap them for something else. Try selling them to a local vintage shop – provided you have the right style they are looking for!

There are also online sites that can help you sell clothes too – check out our guide on how to make money selling second-hand clothes.

6. Laptops and gadgets


Gadgets including digital cameras, sat navs, laptops, mp3 players, games consoles and a whole host of other gadgets are perfect items to recycle for cash. Check out CompareAndRecycle.co.uk to see how to get the best price for your item.

TOP TIP: You might be surprised how much your old gadgets and laptops are worth; especially if they’re only suitable for sale as parts. For example, if your laptop screen is broken, sell the internal hardware as parts and then sell the case and screen for spares or repairs.

You might be able to get more money doing that than you would if you were just to sell it as a broken laptop.

7. Gold


There are many ‘cash for gold’ companies, but sadly there are some dodgy operators out there. However, Hatton Garden Metals gets consistently good feedback – they’re reliable and pay good prices. Hatton Garden Metals pays per gram for scrap gold based on the prices set by London Gold Fix. At the time of writing, one gram of nine carat gold was worth £9.85 (April, 2016). For broken bracelets and unwanted rings, this could be a good way to make some money.

For more info, see our article on how to sell gold for cash.

Good luck with your recycling! Let us know how you get along – and if you have any other tips on what to recycle, please share these by commenting below!