Selling Second Hand Clothes: The Easy Way To Make Money


Based on recent research, selling second hand clothes could be the way forward if you’re looking to put some extra cash in your pocket, I own an amazing black fur gilet collection that I want to sell so that I can get a new one. Over £1.7 billion of unwanted or unworn clothes are laying about in women’s wardrobes.

Research also suggests that most women have nearly £1,000 worth of clothes in their wardrobe that have not been worn for over a year and if clothes are worth less than £16 the average woman won’t bother returning them to the shop for a refund.

So what to do if your wardrobe is filled with fashions that no longer fit or designer dresses you’ve only worn once or at best twice? Well, we’ve put together some tips on how you can make money selling second hand clothes.

Sometimes a girl can have too many wardrobe wonders, and when there’s money to be made by selling clothes that are just hanging there taking up space why not give them a new home where they can be loved and you and you get some welcome cash?

There are plenty of ways to make money from your clothes and lots of different clothes you can sell.

The Best Places For Selling Second-Hand Clothes


Selling your clothes on the Preloved website is great because it’s absolutely free to place an ad – there are no listing fees, no selling fees, and no catches.

All Preloved ads must include a photo, but it takes just seconds to set up and most adverts go online instantly.

Preloved sell a whole range of clothes, from your average high street finds to maternity wear and wedding dresses.

Make sure you include a clear photograph and list your items by brand, size and design.

Preloved isn’t solely for clothes, you can advertise anything from furniture and fittings to pets and also recommended for dogs, cars and caravans, so bear it in mind for future selling opportunities. but if you´re looking to buy furniture, you can easily get some restored antique furniture here.


Swishing Or Swapping

Swishing, or clothes swapping, is the latest fashion craze to hit the UK. Technically, it’s not selling second hand clothes, but it’s a fantastic way to revamp your wardrobe for free!

Here’s how it works. You bring at least one item of clothing to swap and in return you can choose whatever you like.

You can do this online, or at a swishing party.

If you’re looking at swishing online, there are some brilliant websites, such as Swishing, and if you want to attend a local swapping party, check out Swishing Parties online to find your nearest event.

If there aren’t any parties in your area, why not host your own? All you have to do is invite a few friends, asking them to bring along two or three items of clothing and off you go!

ASOS Marketplace

It’s really satisfying to turn fashion mistakes into money and ASOS Marketplace lets you do just that. You can literally sell to anyone, anywhere in the world.

When selling second-hand clothes on ASOS Marketplace, the emphasis is on keeping things real. You need to show the clothes in natural daylight, modelled on a person, laid flat or hanging. It’s a bit more effort, but it should mean the return rate is low.

If you’re selling a brand name, you’ll need to take photos of your receipts and original tags.

It’s free to list as many items as you like, but ASOS take 9% commission on every item you sell.



eBay is a reliable option for selling second hand clothes. It’s especially good if you’re looking to sell lower-end designer items, but clothes from top high street brands, such as Topshop and River Island usually sell well on eBay, too.

Other popular items include vintage clothes and branded hoodies. The more niche the better, so Goth and cyber clothing can do well on eBay. It’s important to have a good description of the items.

On eBay buyers type in keywords from a search engine to try and find what they’re looking for, so include as many facts as you can in the title. For example: “River Island grey skater dress UK size 12.”

If you’re planning on selling second hand clothes on eBay, or any other items for that matter, you should check out our top tips to help you sell anything on eBay. It’s a MUST for any aspiring sellers!


Car Boot Sales

Car boot sales may not make you as much money compared to listing clothes on eBay, but if you’re looking for a quick sell they can be a great little earner, especially if you’re looking to sell a bulk of items.

The secret of success is to do your research first and put in extra effort to get the most out of your market stall.

Bag a high-traffic spot by getting to the pitch really early and present your items well. Make sure they’re freshly washed and ironed, with no loose or missing buttons. You may want to give your clothes a ‘brand name’ and create your own labels – e.g. Kate’s chic boutique.

Set out seasonal items at the front and invest in a proper clothes rail rather than laying them flat on the table. Alternatively, you may want to display holiday items in a suitcase to convey that holiday feeling.

Check out the competition and the type of people who are buying and make sure you price your items at the going rate.

Be prepared for bit of bartering. If you want a good declutter and some quick cash, towards the end of the car boot sale create an “Everything Must Go!” sign.

Remember, with car boot sales your clothes may go for a lot less than you think they’re worth, but if the alternative is them hanging in the wardrobe gathering dust it’s worth a go.

Have a look at our guide on how to make money at car boot sales for more tips.

There’s usually a small fee for setting up a stall. You can find car boot sales in your area here.

Selling Your Second-Hand Baby Clothes


If you’re thinking about selling baby clothes, there are a couple of options worth considering.

Generally speaking, unless you have designer baby clothes, it may be a better plan to bundle the items to sell online, but if you´re thinking of buying new baby clothes, consider getting these onesies for babies because they are so great and comfortable for your little one.

Depending on the size of your bundle you could fetch a fair amount and shift your clothes pretty quickly.

Another option is NCT Nearly New Sales. These are held UK wide and are basically car boot sales for parents. They give you a chance to clear out your clutter and make some money in the process. On average, parents make £64 from selling at these events. Each branch runs its events in their own way, but usually, you’ll receive 70% of the money made on items you sell or there will be a set fee for a table and sellers keep 100% of profits. The commission taken will go towards the NCT’s work supporting new parents.

To find out about events in your area, check out the NCT website.

Selling Your Second-Hand Designer Clothes

Perhaps you’ve bought designer pieces in the past that are still in good condition, but you never seem to wear them anymore. The best plan is to sort them out by condition and brand to make you don’t over or undersell.

If you have very good condition designer labels (we’re not just talking high street fashion here, dahling!) and are good options to try.

It’s also worth checking out local shops which specialise in selling second-hand designer gear.

Selling Your Second Hand Maternity Clothes

Mums-to-be spend an average of £478 on maternity clothes, but the good news is there are ways to get some of that hard-earned money back.

Selling your maternity clothes via Preloved is a popular choice as you don’t have to pay for listing or commission.

Maternity clothes are in high demand, so with a few nice photos and by putting in a bit of effort, you should get a healthy return from your bump-friendly fashions.

Selling Your Second Hand Wedding Dress

A wedding dress is very special and can have great sentimental value, but as more of us face financial pressures, the popularity of selling wedding dresses is soaring. Even Beyoncé has done it!

Check out the dedicated wedding dress selling websites such as or These websites let you sell your wedding dress for a very reasonable fee.

The great thing about selling this way is you probably already have a beautiful picture of you wearing it on your special day that will really show it off!

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Top Tips For Selling Second-Hand Clothes

  • Instagram is not just an app with filters and fancy photos, it’s a great place to showcase your clothes, if you have enough Instagram followers you will even be able to make a business out of it. Use a hashtag, such as #secondhandclothes and see if you get any offers!
  • If your item is brand new, you can usually sell at around 20% less than retail price.
  • Make sure your clothes are cleaned and are sent as you have shown them in your pictures.
  • Clothes that are in good condition fetch far more money. Check out these 15 magic ways to make your clothes last longer.
  • Vintage might sound cool, but you shouldn’t claim an item is vintage unless it’s at least 20 years old. Last year’s Primark leggings simply won’t pass the test!
  • Consider advertising your clothes in your local newspaper. Many offer free classified ads for items under a certain price.

Have you got any tips for selling second-hand clothes? Let us know in the comments below!

If you’re looking for other ways to make money from home we have you covered. Check out our article on how you can sell cakes, sell your wonderful crafts, recycle old phones for cash, or how you can become an eBay master!