9 Places To Recycle Mobile Phones For Quick Cash


Want to learn where you can recycle your mobile phone for ‘Quick Cash’ without having to do too much hard work?

We thought so…

With the never-ending stream of bills and unexpected costs that come with bringing up a family, we are all for finding ways to bring home a little extra bacon. If you’ve stored your old mobile phone away after an upgrade to a new, shiny model, then might be time to get it out and dust it off as you will more than likely be able to recycle your old device for some extra cash.

There are some mobile phone recycle companies which may pay you handsomely depending on what condition your phone is in. Here’s our guide on how to ensure you get the most you can for that lonely old mobile phone sitting away in a draw.

Key Things To Look For When Selling/ Recycling Your Old Mobile

The first thing you’ll want to check is the condition and basic specifications of your old device. Check for things like scratches, dents, bumps or marks. Naturally, if you’ve used the phone for 12-24 months there will be signs of wear and tear, so don’t be surprised if your old iPhone doesn’t look in perfect shape!

Obviously, you need to check if your phone is fully functional as well, so check to see if it turns on and off, allows you to make and receive calls or texts and if the screen still displays properly. Make sure the battery and SIM card area of the phone is all in working order and also test the charging port by trying to fully charge the device.

Having the basic specifications of your phone will increase the likelihood that you receive a more accurate offer for your old device, so if you have the old user manual somewhere dig it out, it could help you add a few pounds of extra value to the trade-in.

Each site will have their own terms and conditions which can impact the value of your old device so be sure to check that out as well. Here are the top 9 mobile phone recycle companies that we would recommend checking out when you’re considering trading in your old device to get some extra cash.

Our Top 9 Mobile Phone Recycle Companies


They pay extremely competitive prices for old and unused handsets, (even if they’re not working), payment is sent to customers within 48 hours, and they are proud to boast that their website is probably the EASIEST to use and navigate on the market, so that they can give their customers exactly what they want! Go on, try it out for yourself! Don’t trash it. Cash it!

Got a Nokia? Got a Nokia? Recycle it for cash now!

Got an iPhone? Got an iPhone? Recycle it for cash now!

Eco Your Mobile

EcoUrMobile is one of the most reliable and trusted mobile phone recycling companies.

It is an environment-friendly idea to reduce waste by recycling your surplus mobile phones.

They offer their customers a first-class service and advantageous benefits including:

  • Easy-use on-line trade in process
  • Competitive Price for all conditions
  • FREEPOST Envelope
  • Fast Payment in 2 working days
  • Multiple payment options such as Cheque, BACS Online transfer and PayPal

They also work in line with waste legislation to minimize environmental impact.

EE Recycle

EE Recycle and Reward allows customers to earn money by recycling their old mobile phones. EE is the most advanced digital communications company in Britain, providing mobile and fixed-line services to 26 million customers.

It runs the EE, Orange and T-Mobile brands in the UK and has more than 600 stores, in over 200 towns and cities across the UK, that sell the brands



envirofone.com is the UK’s longest running, leading mobile phone trading platform that pays individuals and businesses to recycle their old mobile phones for cash.

This year, Envirofone are celebrating their 10 year anniversary and have had over 4 million happy customers receive cash for their phones.
Envirofone offer great prices, which is why they offer a Price Promise. They promise to pay the quoted website price or will send your phone back straight away, free of charge!

Fone Bank UK

Fonebank.com lets customers sell their old mobile phones for cash through a simple, fast effective process.

They are part of one of the leading recyclers of old mobile phones in the UK collecting over 90,000 mobile phones each month with partners such as Oxfam, The National Trust and Wateraid.

Fonebank pay up to £265 for each mobile phone and payment is made within 2 days. Sell them your old mobile phones, help protect the environment and earn extra cash at the same time. So whether you are an individual, represent a company, organisation or charity Fonebank can help you raise revenue from your surplus mobile phones.

Mazuma Mobile

Mazuma Mobile are UK’s favourite mobile phone recycling website.

They re-home, on average, 150,000 mobiles per month – they’re one of the leading mobile phone REUSE specialists in Europe and have already paid out over £68 million to 100’s of 1000’s of happy customers.

Mazuma Mobile is the UK’s BEST rated on-line mobile phone recycling website and has been independently reviewed by thousands of customers and continually achieves a 5/5 overall star rating.

Mobile Cash Mate

Mobile Cash Mate is a fast, efficient mobile phone recycling service. It provides fast payments in cash, cheque or shopping vouchers for all phones submitted.

Top prices are paid for the latest models, such as iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia, although all phones are taken. New, old and used.

Mobile Cash Mate gives all people the chance to earn extra cash for the unwanted mobiles.

Mobile Phone Xchange

Mobile Phone Xchange

Mobile Phone Xchange gives customers the opportunity to turn all their old mobile phones into cash. They are one of the biggest recyclers of mobile phones offering some of the highest prices available on the internet.

Every year, two million handsets are replaced with upgrades deeming old mobiles insignificant. If more people were aware of how phone recycling practices work, not only would world economies benefit from second-hand mobiles, but the sellers could make some extra cash and our affiliates could earn more commission. Statistics show that over 1 person per household has an old mobile phone, which is just put in a draw somewhere.

Phone Recyclers

Phone Recyclers are the UK’s leading on-line recycling website that offers Top prices for New, Old, Used, Non-Working, Broken & Unwanted mobile phones & electronic gadgets for Cash.

With over 15 years experience in the recycling industry, we have extensive IT expertise and specialise in electronics gadgets recycling with a friendly and efficient service. At Phone Recyclers, our streamlined on-line system makes it easy for customers to carry out a valuation of their electronic gadgets or mobile phone.

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