3 Hobbies You Can Turn Into A Side Hustle For Extra Cash


It’s always good to have a selection of hobbies that you can do for your own pleasure and entertainment, but there may actually be an opportunity for you to make money from your talents. We would encourage anyone who has the ability to do any of these following hobbies to consider selling their work for a bit of extra cash on the side. You might be surprised how much you can make!


A huge number of people love writing and a similar number are extremely good at it but don’t even know it. There are a variety of ways that you can now sell your work online or pitch to write certain pieces through sites such as Freelancer, or Upwork.

You don’t need to be an experienced writer either, so don’t worry if you feel like you’re underqualified, there are hundreds of freelance jobs waiting for writers in niche areas or interests.

Not only can writing for money be enjoyable, but you never know where it may lead you. If you write a number of high-quality articles you may get noticed and have the opportunity to write for larger audiences through bigger companies or media publications.

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A survey last year found that some dog-walkers could earn as much as £64,000-a-year! It can certainly be a lucrative side business to run and it’s also a great way to keep fit and get some exercise in the fresh air.

Dog-walking really is as simple as setting up a booking system, going to collect the dog, or often, dogs, and then taking them for a nice long walk for an hour or so. You’ll usually get paid hourly! The only downside is that you’ll probably have to do quite a lot of cleaning up, but it’ll be worth it for the extra cash and fresh air!

Music Lessons


Lastly, and often least obvious, is the ability to teach other how to play a musical instrument. Teaching anyone something new is an incredibly fulfilling journey and it can be extremely rewarding for the tutor and student. Most music lessons cost anywhere between £10-£50 an hour so a few hours a week can easily pocket you a nice sum on the side.

The list doesn’t end there, you can make money on the side through a variety of other tasks and hobbies. Check out our 7 Things You Can Recycle For Cash or 14 Ways To Make Money From Home articles for more information on how to fill up that piggy bank much faster!