12 Ways To Get Quick Cash This Christmas

Make money for Christmas

Want to make a bit of extra money this Christmas? Here are some suggestions to help boost your cash flow this festive season.

1. Get Cashback on Your Christmas Shopping…

Make money from home by earning cashbackThere’s no way around it – you’re going to spend money at Christmas.

So why not get paid to do your Christmas shopping?

Every time you buy something through a cashback website – from big brands such as Amazon, Argos, Tesco, Debenhams, Boots, and dozens more – you earn cashback.

You earn anything from 2-16% cashback on each purchase – and it soon adds up. (The average cashback user saves over £300 a year).

Have a look at joining a cashback website like KidStart (which is MyFamilyClub’s favourite cashback site) and start saving right away!

2. …And Use a Cashback Credit Card

compare cashback credit cardsSo you’ve signed up to Kidstart, and are now getting paid to shop.

But there’s a way you can earn TWO lots of cashback.

By getting a cashback credit card, you can earn up to 5% cashback on every purchase you make with that card.

So there’s no reason you can’t buy your presents through a cashback website (earning between 2-16% cashback) and then pay for those presents with a cashback credit card – earning you extra money on top of that.

  • Cashback website = up to 16% cashback
  • Cashback credit card = up to 5% cashback
  • Cashback website + Cashback credit card = up to 21% cashback

A note of caution though – you’ll only be able to get a cashback credit card if you have a good credit rating. Not sure what your credit rating is? You can check what it is for FREE here.

3. Sell Unwanted Presents

sell your old presentsIf you’ve got unwanted gifts from last year, why not sell them online for a bit of quick cash?

In fact, it’s not just presents you can sell. While you’re at it, why not use this as an opportunity to have a clear out and sell all that old stuff you never use?

You’ll not only make money – you’ll free up space and have a tidier home to boot!

  • Sell pretty much anything… on Amazon or eBay. (You can make big money doing this, but be aware both Amazon and eBay take a cut of anything you sell)
  • Sell your old books… if you sell your old books on Amazon, you can get paid immediately in Amazon vouchers if you want
  • Sell your old mobile phone… recycle your old phone at MobilePhone Xchange and you can earn hundreds of pounds for some smartphones (though don’t expect much for your old phone that has Snake on it)
  • Sell anything for FREE… on second-hand site Preloved. It’s completely free to place an ad – and unlike Amazon or eBay, there are no selling fees – so you may as well put on ad on there!)
  • Sell your scrap gold, broken bracelets and unwanted jewellery… at Hatton Garden Metals. There are some dodgy ‘cash for gold’ companies out there – but Hatton Garden Metals gets consistently good feedback from our readers – and their prices are good, too. (At the time of writing they pay £9.35 per one gram of nine carat gold). See how much you could get for your scrap gold.

For more ideas, see our article 7 things you can recycle for cash.

4. Earn Cash For Clicks

Opinium online surveysIf you have a spare few minutes in front of your computer every now and then, you can earn extra cash by completing quick online surveys.  (It’s possible to earn around £40-£50 a month if you get in the habit of doing them regularly).

With online surveys, just remember three things:

  • NEVER pay to join an online site – use the ones we recommend below
  • Set up an alternative email address (like Gmail or Hotmail) just for online surveys (this will stop your main email account getting clogged up with survey emails)
  • Join at least five survey sites – if you just join one or two sites, you’ll only get the odd survey to complete and won’t earn much.

The top 5 survey sites:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. My Survey
  3. Global Test Market
  4. Offers Cash
  5. iPoll – get £3 just for signing up!

Want more info on online surveys? See our article on how to make money online with the best paid surveys.

5. Get Seasonal Work

Christmas seasonal workChristmas does offer up opportunities for seasonal work, if you want to make some serious money (and you have the time to take it on).

The big department stores such as M&S, Debenhams, Sainsburys, Tesco and Boots usually take on extra staff for the festive period – ask in store if they have application forms for Christmas work. (You sometimes get a staff discount, too.)

Smaller shops and businesses may also be on the lookout for extra staff – especially pubs and restaurants.

Don’t forget that if you’re prepared to work shifts on Christmas Eve, Boxing Day or New Year’s Eve you can expect more generous hourly rates.

Royal Mail also takes on extra temporary staff in their mail sorting centres from November to January. You don’t need any previous mail industry experience, as they provide all training. Find out more about Royal Mail careers here.

6. Party For a Living

Make money at Christmas with product partiesChristmas is party season – but did you know you can get paid for going to ‘product parties’?

Product parties are where groups of friends get together (often with food and a bit of booze to hand!) and try out a company’s products in the comfort of their own homes. A sales consultant (that’s you!) is on hand at the party to offer help, tips and recommendations.

You earn a commission on everything you sell (usually around 20%). Many people have successful sidelines in selling products from big companies such as the Body Shop, Mary Kay and Ann Summers.

Product parties are especially popular in the run-up to Christmas, as it’s an enjoyable way for groups of friends to treat themselves (and get some Christmas shopping done at the same time).

The work’s flexible too – you can do as many or as few parties as you like.

Want to find out more? Companies that are always looking for party reps include The Body ShopAnn Summers, The Pampered Chef and Jamie Oliver’s company Jamie at Home.

7. Take Advantage of Freebies For Stocking Fillers

Stocking fillersYou’d be surprised at what you can get for free sometimes – things like mascara, shampoo, sweets, t-shirts and more.

Keep an eye on our round up the top freebies collected from around the web and the high street to see what you can snap up!

We update our freebies section each week so remember to keep checking back!

8. Be a Babysitter

make money christmas babysittingBabysitting is an easy way to make quick cash for Christmas. You don’t need any formal training – although it’s an advantage if you do have it. For example, having a CRB check will give you an added advantage over other job seekers.

But in general having a good set of references, experience, and being a parent yourself will stand you in good favour.

With the busy Christmas party period coming, it means many people will be looking at getting babysitters from veryveryfine.com– so it’s prime time to advertise your services. You can spread the word on social media, and locally, plus places online such as Findababysitter will let you register and advertise for free.

Typically you could earn from £5 an hour, but with more experience and in certain locations like London you can earn around £12 an hour. Remember, you can ask for more cash on bank holidays and New Year’s Eve.

9. Give Gift Wrapping a go

christmas presentSo you might have been organised with the buying of the Christmas presents – but what about the wrapping. “Oh it won’t take long…” … 2 hours later.

Gift wrapping is in high demand this festive season and if you’ve got the knack, a few hours to spare and need some quick cash this Crimbo then it’s pretty much perfect.

Advertise locally and spread the word – you might just get a surprisingly high response.

10. Personal Shopper

make money christmas personal shopperFinding the right gift for your loved ones for Christmas can be tricky. But if you’re a bit of a whizz at retail and enjoy shopping, then you could offer your shopping services to others for a small fee.

Many people are just too busy to hunt down that perfect present and would pay good money to have a personal shopper to do it for them.

Most professional personal shoppers have a background in fashion or retail – and most of them are based in big cities. But set up an advert, and once word spreads you could be making money from your hobby.

11. Comping

how to win-competitionsYou’ve got to be in it to win it!

By spending a few hours every day entering competitions, you could end up bagging yourself some brilliant prizes in time for Christmas. You can then either keep the prizes for yourself, use them for presents or sell them online for some quick cash.

Even if you don’t win anything in time for Christmas, if you follow our guide on how to win competitions, you’ll start picking up prizes in 2014.

Take a look at our guide to How to win competitions here.

12. Make Serious Money For Christmas And Beyond

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