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We’ve spent months throwing, tasting, licking, munching, crunching, wearing, balancing on, sitting on, cooking with and brewing with (goodness knows what else) as part of our review process for our Christmas Gift Guide. Our team have had SO much fun and we have hand selected the very best products to feature in our guide. With not too long to go before that famous old man in a red suit, black boots and a ridiculous hat comes crashing down chimneys far and wide or practising his lock picking skills of the chimney-less. We have trawled the often hilarious ‘front page of the internet’ reddit for some seriously disappointed gift recipients to raise a smile or two, just because!


Whilst most of us delight in the festive season, spending time with friends and family, partying and getting in to the Christmas spirit, there will be undoubtedly be those that dread this time of year for a variety of reasons, one being….having to feign excitement at receiving a terrible gift. Yes, we know it IS the thought that counts but according to some redditors, it would have been more thoughtful not to have got anything.

We couldn’t help but belly laugh and shake our head at some of the worst Christmas presents EVER!

Christmas Socks


when I was in 8th grade, somebody forgot a secret Santa present and gave me a rock wrapped in crumpled graph paper


I wanted to be an author, so I asked for a leatherbound notebook to write in. I got a Disney one with lines so far apart I couldn’t write in it and huge Disney characters on every page.


My cousin once got a 6 pack of AA batteries… with only four in the container…


One time my dad bought me a printer for my mum’s home office. I wasn’t allowed to use it.


When I was 12, my mother gave me tennis shoes for Christmas. In her size and style. And since they were too big for me, she happily accepted the gift, you know, since I couldn’t use them. And I really needed tennis shoes, damnit.


When I was 11, my grandfather got me a miniature stapler.


One year, I wanted a Playstation 3 and I was given the polystation 3. whatever you do….don’t get a polystation.


A pack of Hotdogs, and a alarm clock.


I have a crazy great aunt that lived a couple hours away. She was notorious for sending and giving weird gifts. One year she sent my brother and I a box marked “Do not open until Christmas!” My parents thankfully opened it early to check it out, and it was a bunch of used men’s socks from the Salvation Army.


My uncle gave my mom a gallon of orange juice one year. The year before he gave her a vibrating hair brush. Some people get all the luck.


My aunt is mentally handicapped. Her group home nurses assisted with (aka: did) her Christmas shopping and clearly didn’t give a shit.

9 year old me got a taxonomy book about fish.

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