Revealed: The Best Times Of Year To Shop For Bargains


Ever wanted to know when the best times of the year to shop are? From computers to chocolate, we reveal when you’re likely to get the best bargains.

Sometimes bargains come out of nowhere, and you just have to act quickly.

But there are many products that – year in, year out – get price cuts during certain months, regular as clockwork.

Here’s a month-by-month guide of when you can expect to bag the biggest bargains for different products:



  • deals and discount gym-equipmentMobile phones (stores cut prices now as newer models tend to get released in the run up to spring)
  • Chocolate (after Valentine’s Day)
  • Seafood (after Valentine’s Day)
  • Steak (after Valentine’s Day)
  • Furniture (new furniture designs tend to get released for the spring)


  • TVs (new TV models are always introduced at tech shows in January, but it’s not until April they start to make their way into stores. So March is a prime time for many shops to clear their stock)
  • Cameras (same situation as with TVs)


  • win a years supply of-chocolateSki equipment (end of season sales)
  • DIY (people do more DIY as the weather gets warmer and shops take advantage of that)
  • Raincoats and waterproofs (although April is a rainy month, shops know sunnier weather is on the way and so are keen to shift their stock)
  • Charity shop goods (people tend to have spring cleans and donate lots of stuff to charity shops)



  • DIY/Tools (especially around Father’s Day)
  • Homeware (stores gear up for wedding season)


  • Homeware (stores gear up for wedding season)
  • Laptops (stock is cleared as lots of new laptops get launched in time for students starting university in September)






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