Where to find cheap kitchen appliances

find discount kitchen appliances

You can bag incredibly cheap kitchen appliances online and in electrical clearance schemes. Find out where you can get dirt cheap kitchen appliances below.

The next time your fridge conks out or your washing machine gives up the ghost, don’t just trundle off to the high street to buy a new one.

If you know where to look, you can bag big discounts on cheap kitchen appliances by looking at online outlet stores, electrical clearance shops and even ex-display kitchen appliance models.

  • Specialist kitchen appliance sites – online discounts
  • Cheap kitchen appliances on eBay
  • Kitchen appliance outlet stores
  • ‘Graded’ discount kitchen appliances
  • Specialist discount kitchen appliance sites

    discount kitchen appliancesBelow are some of the best places to find cheap kitchen appliances: 

    Appliances Online (ao.com)

    Appliances Online have a wide range of discount kitchen appliances. They offer:

    • Cheap prices with a price match promise (claims can be made before or after purchase, as long as you claim before your item is delivered)
    • Free delivery seven days a week
    • They can take away and recycle your old appliance for you
    • They can connect your new appliance for you
    • 10 day no fuss return policy
    • Up to £250 cashback on selected kitchen appliances at the moment!


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    The Co-operative Electrical

    • £100-£300 discounts not uncommon
    • Free delivery – choose your 60 minute time slot
    • Eco-friendly removal of you old kitchen appliance
    • Outstanding customer service satisfaction rates


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    Appliances Direct


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    Electrical Discount UK


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    Cheap kitchen appliances on eBay

    ebay sellingeBay is very much a mixed bag – it all depends on what sellers have got in stock. When it comes to finding cheap kitchen appliances you can get some real bargains – but the deals vary enormously from day to day (and even hour to hour).

    It’s definitely worth a look – but if you’ve got your heart set on a particular product or brand, your first port of call should be the sites above.

    You can also get ‘graded’ products from eBay (these are appliances that are ‘ex-display’ or end of line models). We discuss graded kitchen appliances below.

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    Outlet Stores

    amazon-logoOutlet stores often have huge discounts on kitchen appliances – but they tend to have less choice and range of products than the stores above. It all depends on what they have in stock. Still they’re always worth a look.

    Amazon Outlet Store

    Most people aren’t aware Amazon even has an Outlet store, but they do! It offers:


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    Argos Clearance Store

    • The Argos Clearance store has constant bargains on the go throughout the year.
    • Product categories include home and garden, technology, toys, beauty and more.
    • Have a look at their Home and Garden section as they often have decent cheap kitchen appliances on offer.


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    Currys Clearance Store

    • Currys Clearance Store always has cheap kitchen appliances, as well as discounted TVs, laptops and PCs, phones, photography and more.
    • The number of items they have in each section is usually quite limited – but what they lack in quantity they tend to make up for in quality.


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    ‘Graded’ discount kitchen appliances

    factory seconds discount kitchen appliances‘Graded’ goods (which are also sometimes known as ‘factory seconds’) are items that have either been returned, are ex-display (from shops and showrooms) or are from a discontinued line.

    All graded products are tested to make sure they are in full working order before being sold.

    They sometimes have small cosmetic flaws (such a superficial mark, the odd scratch or damaged packaging) but are otherwise fine – and they are frequently sold at a big discount.

    Graded Electricals Direct

    • Graded Electricals Direct is an eBay store. They specialise in graded electrical clearance bargains – in particular vacuum cleaners and cheap kitchen appliances.
    • They sell big brand graded electrical goods (such as Dyson, Kenwood, Panasonic and more).


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