More Than Half Of Britons Want School-Style Six-Week Summer Holidays


New research has revealed the top benefits that British workers would like to see introduced into the workplace, with six-week summer holidays, workplace sports days and ‘Bring your Babies to Work’ campaigns coming out as the most desirable benefits they would love to have.

The majority of Britain’s employees would like to share the school system’s summer holidays, by incorporating a six week break into their working life. Further sought-after benefits that Britons believe businesses should employ include workplace pets and compulsory birthday celebrations.

The team at conducted the research as part of an ongoing study into British attitudes towards the workplace and its benefits. 2,196 Britons aged 18 and over, all of whom stated they had been in full-time employment for at least one year, were quizzed about the benefits that they look for when applying for and/or accepting jobs, and what benefits they’d like to see introduced into the workplace.

Initially all respondents were asked ‘what benefits do you look for when applying for, or accepting, a job?’ to which the most common responses were ‘a good holiday allowance/annual leave’ (24%), ‘commission/bonus schemes’ (22%) and ‘flexible hours to work around my lifestyle/children’ (21%).

All respondents were then asked what benefits they thought that businesses should introduce that they don’t already have. When provided with a list of possible responses and told to select all that applied, the top five responses were as follows:

  1. A six-week summer break, like schools have – 51%
  2. Workplace sports days – 36%
  3. ‘Bring your babies to work’ campaigns where parents can bring children to the office – 30%
  4. Workplace pets – 20%
  5. Compulsory birthday celebrations, e.g. cake, the happy birthday song, a day of annual leave – 19%

All those who stated they’d like to have summer holidays at work were asked why, with the most common responses being revealed as ‘it would be nice to be off work at the same time as my children, without having to book it as annual leave’ (41%) and ‘I’d quite like to enjoy the good weather whilst it lasts, instead of being stuck indoors’ (37%).

George Charles, spokesperson for, made the following comments:

“In an ideal world, having a break for the summer would be fantastic. However, if every business was to offer its staff even a week off work to go and enjoy the summer – and all businesses did this on the exact same week – the entire country would come to a standstill. There would be no bus or train drivers to transport us, no shops would be open for us to buy our bread and milk, and airports would have no staff to take us to a hot, foreign destination. As much as we’d like the time off, realistically it’s just not feasible.

“We do agree that companies can do more to assist their staff with the costs of day-care and should prioritise their rewards, whether with a day off for their birthday or flexi-time to be at home with their children. Treat your staff right and they’ll be loyal to you and your business for life.”