4 Handy Tips for Better Laundry Hygiene

Laundry Hygiene

Love, Hate and Laundry Hygiene

As a mother of three children, my washing machine never seems to stop. There’s a constant whirring of the drum as background noise as the daily laundry becomes part of the everyday sounds of our busy household.

Just as hygiene is important in the household and for ourselves personally, it’s not so obvious when it comes to laundry hygiene. It’s no secret among parents in particular that this is one of the most hated chores, it’s no surprise really that laundry hygiene is often overlooked.

I know whilst in the thick of daily family life, I dislike doing the laundry immensely, but I do feel that there will come a time, when my children have flown the nest, that i’ll look back on this crazy daily wrestle with piles of laundry with fondness.

In fact, new research from domestic appliance brand Beko, they found that it was the chore that people in their thirties hated the most. Having to do your own laundry is even considered to be the third worst thing about leaving home in the UK according to the same survey.

As a household duty we can’t ignore it, follow these four handy tips to kick those bad habits into shape, so you can get that sparkly clean feeling all the time.

Laundry Hygiene Tips

1. Don’t leave your clothes to linger

It’s easy to forget a load once it’s done, but make sure you take your washing out as soon as possible to ensure it dries properly. It’s said that leaving a load in the wash for 8-10 hours can allow mold to develop, and this often causes an unwelcome smell. If the wash has slipped your mind for too long, it’s always best to rewash it, especially heavy items such as bedding and towels. Many washing machines have an ‘alarm’ to alert you that they’re finished – and timers so that you can ensure your load finishes at a time when it’s convenient to unload.

2. Clean your machine

Cleaning your washing machine never seems to make it to the top of the priority list, but by giving it a good clean, you can expect a fresher wash. Yep, your machine needs cleaning too!

After so many cycles, every washing machine gets some build up of dirt, and there are some easy ways to get rid of it. Start by tackling the detergent draw by taking it out and using an ordinary cleaning product to scrub it thoroughly. The small space can get pretty bad in a short space of time. Next, get to work on the drum. It might seem perfectly clean, but every so often you need to run an empty wash using a dishwasher tablet or soda crystals to give it a clean and remove odours.

3. Wash more frequently

With personal hygiene being at the forefront of our minds, it’s good to think about washing
your sheets and towels more regularly, as these are typically the items that contain the
most build-up of germs. You should even think about washing pillows themselves once in a
while as they’ve endured endless nights of bacteria build up including, sweat, make-up and
oil. Clothes should also be washed more regularly, especially if you’ve been outside or
touched various surfaces with them.

Items to think about washing more often:

  • Throws/blankets
  • Towels
  • Bath mats
  • Wash cloths
  • Cleaning cloths

4. Don’t overload the washing machine

You want your clothes to be washed properly – and you certainly don’t want your machine
to break down sooner – so stick to minimal loads to get the most out of your wash. Allow
enough room for the water to soak through your clothes and detergent to do its job.
Importantly, the lifetime on your machine can be compromised if you continually overload
the drum, and the older the model, the easier It is to get the load limit wrong. Take care of
your machine and it’ll take care of your washing.