9 Alternative Uses For Baked Beans – Warning! No: 4 You Can’t Unsee


The humble baked bean, a well known staple in many a household. Naughty and delicious mashed with a little butter, chives and mustard and topped with cheese on toast.

Most people like baked beans and the usual way to use this yummy little bean is either on a jacket potato or on toast but Redditors however, have flocked to post hilarious, inventive and fairly disturbing photos of ways baked beans can be but just shouldn’t be used.

Oh, how I’ve laughed putting this post together. My favourite is No: 3 on the list. What’s yours?

1. Baked Bean lava lamp


2. Beansicle


3. Would you bean my wife


4. Insert the beanpon


5. Frappubeano


6. Crocs N’Beans


7. Swimming in Beans


8. Beanie Birthday


9. Baked Bean Muffins