What oh what! do you buy a teenager? Well, there are some pretty cool gifts out there to suit even the most difficult teen and we’ve searched high and low for what feel are a pretty awesome selection to suit a range of budgets.

FUZE Workstation – Raspberry Pi

Christmas Gift Guide

Wow! Just Wow! This coding station is the perfect, perfect gift for teens, tweens and adults who want to learn to code. Buying your gift wrap wholesale is one of the best ways to save money during the holiday season. Don’t be fooled by it’s retro look, this is one serious piece of kit that will delight and unite geeks through their love of tech and coding. FUZE has been designed with simplicity and ease in mind, making coding accessible to everyone who shows an interest. All you need to do is hook it up to a monitor, switch it on and follow the projects and learn to code as you go. No previous coding experience is necessary which makes this such an incredible gift.

Lots of fun projects to be completed from basic coding to turning the box into a control system for a robotic arm. Lots to engage the creative and analytical mind.

(From £69.99, www.fuze.co.uk, @)

Skin Genius Ultimate Party Bundle

Christmas Gift GuideThe perfect gift for any teenager who wants to take care of their skin but without the harsh chemicals.  This wonderful gift contains three main products, SkinGenius Clarifying Treatment Lotion, SkinGenius Facial Wash and SkinGenius Moisturiser which is rich in nut oils such as Hazelnut, Macademia and Babassu Seed, I also wanted to add some new body essentials products and when I read this review about Vine Vera I regretted not putting some of their products, but I guess it will be for next time..

The Skin Genius products are not tested on animals and contains no animal extracts either which is a massive tick for animal lovers and eco teens.

(£49.99, www.skin-genius.co.uk, @SkinGenius)

Lulu Guinness Stripe Kooky Cat iPhone 6 Case


We love this quirky cat case for the iPhone 6. Made from silicone and also protects against bumps and scratches as well as looking funky and stylish. The case has all the usual accommodations for camera and connectivity and has an engraved Lulu Guiness logo on the side for authenticity.

(£35.99, www.julesb.co.uk, @JulesBOnline)




Wraps Headphones

Christmas Gift GuideWe have featured these fabulous headphones before on MyFamilyClub and there is a reason they are in this year’s guide. We love these! Brilliant sound quality for the price and the storage system is just so incredibly clever. Wraps have really expanded their range so there are loads of materials, colours and creations to choose from. Personally, we love the beaded ones. Whatever the colour, these headphones really are ‘Da Bomb’! The ones we reviewed were leather and also beaded.

(£29.00, www.mywraps.com, @my_wraps)

Anki Overdrive

Christmas Gift Guide

Incredible new spin on the old classic Scaleletrix, racing robotic cars through a mobile phone so it feels like you are behind the wheel. Easy to use and set up, a simple download of the Anki app and the cars are ready to race. These cars aren’t just any cars, these are super robot cars that feature their own weapon systems and are intelligent robots that have the ability to think for themselves. Cool huh?

A cutting edge racing game that will keep the racer engaged with a number of challenges from battling with their friends and even a quest to become the champion of the Anki Tournament as the AI commanders put up a good fight. This is the racing game of the future and is seriously impressive tech at it’s best.

(£109.99, www.amazon.co.uk, @Anki)

Hershey’s Movie Lip Balm Set – 6 Pieces

Christmas Gift Guide

Cute Lip Balm set that contains 6 yummy lip balms sure to delight. Extra soft lips and smells so delicious you’ll want to eat them!

Set contains: Jolly Rancher, Hershey’s kisses stick, Hershey’s milk chocolate lip balm, Reese’s lip balm, Reese’s lip gloss and Hershey’s Kisses pot chocolate flavour presented inside a popcorn box.

(£12.00, http://uk.accessorize.com, @accessorize)

Chocolate Avocado

Christmas Gift Guide

Fun and tasty handmade chocolate avocado made from white Belgian chocolate and a caramel heart in the middle. Made in Somerset and contains on natural colouring so no nasty additives. Really fun and novel gift for any chocolate loving teen.

(£12.00, www.notonthehighstreet.com, @notonthehightstreet)

Soundasleep Pillow

Christmas Gift Guide

A great present for music loving teens who like to listen to music in bed. Made so the speaker is completely undetectable which ensure the sleeping experience is uninterrupted and restful. A brilliant way to relax and there are no headphones to get tangled up in and as the volume is controllable it stays completely the experience of the person laying on it and not anyone else in the bed or room.

(£19.99, www.soundasleeppillow.co.uk, @)

Addictaball Maze 1

Christmas Gift Guide

Ever heard a child shout out ‘In a minute’? yes, we are very familiar with those words too but Addictaball really is a ‘In a minute’ games as it’s totally addictive and incredibly frustrating. 138 different stages will ensure you’ll get stuck plenty of times and start to pull your hair out. So many spirals, flips, slide and different sections to navigate through, it’s sure to drive any teen wild this Christmas.

(From £13.00, www.amazon.co.uk, @brainstormltd)

MEEM Phone Back Up Cable & Charger

Christmas Gift Guide

MEEM is a phone charger cable that automatically backs up the personal data on your phone to the cable itself every time you charge your Android or iPhone whether by Power Adaptor, Car Charger, PC port or Power Bank. Because you charge your phone at least once a day, your personal information is always backed up with no third party access to your info. Perfect for teens and their gazillion selfies.

(£39.99, www.meemmemory.com, @MEEMmemory)

Other products we think Teens will love this Christmas:

Impulse Irresistible Gift Set
impulseNew to the Impulse collection, this Impulse Irresistible Gift Set comes with three different best-selling fragrances, Impulse True Love, Impulse Why Not? and Impulse Tease making it the ideal Christmas gift for yourself or a friend. As a fancy added extra, the set also comes with a black micro purse, the ideal addition to your Christmas clutch.
(£9.00, www.wilko.com, @)

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