I’m sure most people are familiar with the MTV show My Super Sweet Sixteen that was popular amongst teenagers some years ago. This programme allowed the general public a glimpse into the decadent, opulent and outrageous birthday parties which super-wealthy American parents put on for their kids. What’s funny is that in all of the episodes, it was noticeable that oftentimes the kids were not enjoying themselves, nor were their parents.

This teaches us that an endless amount of money does not guarantee an enjoyable birthday party.

If you’re concerned about money leading up to your child’s birthday party, fear no more! Just follow some of the helpful tips below to ensure your child will have a fun-filled day:

Decorations Are Dispensable: Pay A Visit To Your Local Pound Shop

Children don’t care what type of balloons there are at a party, they just want balloons, full stop. Remember, a birthday only happens once a year (obviously!) so you do not need to be extravagant with the decorations you purchase for the big day. Pound shops have lots and lots of cheap alternatives to the major supermarket chains.

Cook Treats Instead Of Buying Them

Spend some time in the week leading up to the birthday party cooking treats yourself. If you buy ingredients in bulk and bake in the days prior to the party, you can make scrumptious treats that would cost a handsome price if you were to buy them straight from the shelf in a supermarket. And…we all love rice crispy cakes! You can even try cooking some healthy home-made snacks like guacamole and be the envy of all the other kids’ parents. And if kids have never tried crisps dipped in guacamole, they’re in for a memorable treat!

Think About The Venue

Does it have to be in the nearest theme park? Your house and back garden can be as good a place as any to host a kid’s birthday party. Just ensure that you have plenty of activities lined up and kids will not care where they are. In fact, they are sometimes far more at ease in a comfortable environment like a home than in a large and unfamiliar place like a fun fair or a bowling alley.

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Some Of The Best Games Are Free

Just think about when you were a child: hours and hours of entertainment could be derived from the most basic (and free) activity. Why don’t you set up a scavenger hunt around the house and garden? Or borrow lots of board games from all your friends and family and have different board game areas where kids can try their hand at a range of games.

Ask A Friend To Clown Around

We all have a friend that we laugh at or with regularly. You know the type; they took pride at being the class clown. Well, now put them to use! Ask your friend to be the entertainment and to do just a simple magic trick or two for half an hour. You will owe them a favour, but you could also be kickstarting a new career for them!

Send A 21st Century Invite

Invites do not have to be written on paper and sent in the post anymore. You will save yourself a lot of money – and hassle – by asking your son/daughter to gather the email addresses or mobile numbers of their guardians/parents. Then simply send a text or an e-vite.

So there you have it. Children’s parties do not need to be expensive and you can have a great celebration on a budget! However we all know that sometimes things can go wrong. If you find yourself in a tight spot and in need of some emergency cash, be it for the cake, the clown, or the broken washing machine threatening to flood out the event, then there are options available, including same day cash loans – some of which are actually a better alternative to the high street banks!

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