When it comes to modern business, customers expect everything to be done ASAP. The rise of online buying means that items can be bought without even having to venture into town, so that from making the decision to get something to completing the sale is a process that takes mere minutes.

And people want what they want now! Whether you’re running a business or selling on a small scale on eBay, a lot of buyers like to have the option to choose next day delivery. The downside to this is that it costs. So, to help you economise, here are three top tips to save you money…

#1: Charge Your Buyer the Correct Amount

When it comes to next day delivery, or delivery in general, it’s perfectly fine to expect your purchaser to cover the cost. However, it’s only fair to provide them with an accurate representation of how much this will be from the word ‘go’, and if you quote them less than you have to pay to send something, you’re going to find yourself lumbered with the excess. This means that you should avoid making estimates. Instead of leaving it up to your purchaser to select a courier, choose someone suitable beforehand, get a quote from your chosen company, and make sure that you know exactly how much next day delivery will cost before you sell.

#2: Shop Around for Couriers

As we mentioned above, you should be able to charge your buyer delivery costs, but they’re not going to want to pay over the odds, so make your product more appealing by charging as little as possible to get it to them. In order to do this, it’s a good idea to shop around. There are thousands of courier companies out there to choose from, and each of them will offer different prices. Comparison sites like Parcel Monkey are an ideal place to start, and will help you to keep your costs to a minimum.

#3: Keep the Weight Down

Thirdly and finally, try to lower your outlay by keeping the weight of your parcel down. Although the item you’re sending can’t be lightened, you can ensure that you choose the most lightweight packaging around. You’ll still need to ensure that adequate protection is provided, of course, but a sensible approach to how you achieve this could save you and your buyer a significant sum.

Follow these three top tips today, and offering next day delivery won’t leave you out of pocket.

Written by Ben Barlow