Redditors Share their Go-To-Meals When Money Is Extremely Tight


A poster on the popular community site, Reddit is looking for inspiration on food ideas that are cheap and not Ramen noodle based, user ColorMeConfuzed asked “Other than Ramen Noodles, when money is tight, what is your “go-to” meal?

Here are some of the replies and we hope it gives ‘food for thought’ (excuse the pun)!

Fried rice with fried star egg serve for lunch
Fried rice with fried star egg serve for lunch

[bluffer] :- My favourite meal in college was a bologna/cheese sandwich and a baked potato with butter and sour cream. Super cheap but filling as hell.

[savagemick] :- My grandmother taught me long ago “if you have potatoes and onions, you can eat” I keep them both stocked all the time. Fried potatoes and onions, spiced in a cast iron skillet with bacon and cheddar.

[seeyouyeah] :- Lentil curry. Bag of red lentils is about £2. Scrape up whatever spices you can find along with onions and garlic (other veg is always good if you can afford it – aubergine and cauliflower in particular). You can get Tesco value stock cubes for something like 12p a packet. If you can afford to splash out an extra quid or so, get some coconut milk. Maybe a 30p tin of tomatoes. That s*** is dank and will feed you for days.

[216horrorworks] :- Take that left over bone, make stock (water, onion, celery, carrot, bone, salt). Turn stock into bean, potato or pea soup.

[Millionare_] :- Pinto beans, get some tortilla shells, cheese, maybe a little salsa/tomatoes, rice, and you’ve got yourself some cheap, tasty tostadas! If you aren’t completely broke, you could even thrown in an avocado and some sour cream to top it off.

[imabaaaadman] :- Beans and sweet potatoes with molasses, green onions, a bit of lemon juice, some paprika if you have it lying around, maybe a splash of apple juice.

Whip that up and dip your chips, bread, crackers, fingers, whatever the **** you have for dipping! It’ll last for days!

[AeroGD] :- We just did that this week. Normally we cook a stir fry the first night, and “accidentally” make way too much rice. Then do chicken fried rice the next night.

It doesn’t have to be day old rice. The most important thing is that the rice is cooked and cold.

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