OLVERUM – The Best Bath Oil


Product Reviewed by Charlotte Vaughan

Relax, chill and pamper yourself by reaping lots of health benefits – sounds perfect doesn’t it?

Well, when Olverum invited us to sample their Bath Oil – the thought of relaxing in a long hot bath with Olverum doing its magic to help to relieve stress, revive aching muscles and joints, re-balance dry skin was just too much ! I had to try this bath oil – but how could it help with all of the above? I wasn’t that convinced initially but was prepared to give it a go!

When Olverum invited us to try their lovely Bath Oil – we were off on a press trip to Austria in the winter months but unfortunately it arrived too late to be able to reap the benefits on our skiing trip.

Cue.. dreadful knee pain and problems when returning from Austria so I thought I would try Olverum to see if it could help with my general aches and pains and very sore knee. I tried it in 4 baths during the first week and I have to say my knee pain certainly improved after the initial baths and I totally relaxed, like I have never relaxed before!

Olverum has a beautiful blend of oils, smells incredible, a little goes a long way, strong and sturdy poly cover packaging, looks great on your bathroom shelves, absorbs well into the skin. The Olverum Bath Oil is a high-end bath product, but you certainly get what you pay for with this luxurious oil that does live up to its claims, it really does work!

The Olverum Bath Oil is a real treat for when you want to take time for yourself and unwind after a long day, exercise, or a hard day with the kids! It’s perfect for those stressful days, just a few drops of this in your bath will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed and ready for a great nights’ sleep.  My sleep definitely improved with this fantastic oil! It totally relaxed me .

The lovely scent will engulf your whole bathroom – it’s heavenly!

Treat yourself to this bath oil, you won’t be disappointed!


Olverum is a unique and highly concentrated, therapeutic bath oil which contains 10 pure essential oils, carefully blended to work synergistically. Olverum was originally created in 1931 by Franz Otto Klein, a wine merchant in the Mosel Valley in Germany who developed a keen interest in the beneficial properties of natural essential oils.

The bath oil he eventually produced after two years of research and experimentation contains extracts from 10 aromatic plants, carefully selected for their individual therapeutic properties as well as their ability to work synergistically to be even more effective. These were blended accordingly to a closely guarded formula that was passed from father to son for over 50 years and remains largely unchanged today.

For many years Olverum survived by word of mouth – a cult product known in the UK to only a small number of passionate devotees. Now beautifully repackaged, yet still retaining the same formulation loved for over eight decades, Olverum recently relaunched under new British ownership.

Key Benefits

Relaxation and Stress Relief
Inhaling the aromatic vapours released by a warm Olverum bath helps relieve tension and aids relaxation. Used at the end of a stressful day, Olverum can help you achieve a deep and untroubled night’s sleep.

Soothes Aches and Pains
Olverum stimulates the circulation and helps bring relief to aching muscles and joints.

Beautifully Soft Skin
The light non-greasy oil is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving it feeling beautifully soft and pampered.

Olverum Bath Oil is a highly concentrated and unique blend of 10 essential oils: Eucalyptus, Lavender, Juniper, Lavandin, Lemon Peel, Siberian Fir Needle, Exotic Verbena, Lime, Geranium and Rosemary.

It is free from artificial colours and preservatives and is not tested on animals.

Where Can You Buy Olverum Bath Oil

Olverum is stocked in the following retailers: Liberty, Conran, Harvey Nichols and Fenwick.

The 125ml size is  £26.00 and will be enough for 25 baths, the 250ml size is £48 and enough for 50 baths.

For more information please visit www.olverum.com