Review: Creating a Magical and Inspiring Birthday Party with Rock Up


Rock Up Review – Whiteley, Hampshire

We’ve been to many fantastic birthday parties for kids here at MyFamilyClub, we have even been to a party at the Fort Worth Gentlemen’s Club for a bachelorette party, but we have to admit, some of our favourites have been thrown for the girliest of girls – Cue lots of pink! I’m now 40 years plus and still a huge fan of pink.

Now Mum to a feisty soon to be 8 year old who is super sporty but still quite girly, I was looking for a party solution that would keep her challenged but still allowed her to express her feminine side.

The Solution: A Climbing Party at Rock Up with Pink Party Bags

If you are anything like me, your children have been climbing up, over and onto everything in the house since they could crawl. My daughter was scaling everything in the house from a very early age.  So a birthday celebration at Rock Up seemed like the perfect solution for her forthcoming 8th Birthday Party.

Having never taken her to a climbing centre before, I was a little apprehensive on how much she and her friends would enjoy it. However, Rock Up is an incredible climbing centre and the perfect place for a birthday party.

Rock Up describes itself as ‘somewhere that makes climbing accessible for everyone’ and somewhere that ‘the whole family can get active and experience the fun of climbing!’ So we arranged for a party for two hours for 12 girls at Rock Up in Whiteley Shopping Centre, near Fareham in Hampshire.

When we arrived, we were very pleased with how impressive the centre looked; the frontage is all glass which immediately shows you the brightly coloured and appealing variety of climbing challenges on offer.  Everyone was greeted and taken to the safety room for a safety briefing and for the children to get harnessed up. Once the children were harnessed in, the Birthday Girl was asked to join the front of the queue to go into the climbing arena making my daughter feel very special on her birthday treat.

Parents were also asked in the safety briefing, if they would like to join in as a volunteer to help the children in the arena to clip them in, rather than waiting for the staff to do it.

There was a lot of choice of different climbing stations to choose from and some of the children were slightly overwhelmed which one to choose first but with some guidance from the staff and parents, they all went ahead and absolutely loved all the equipment.  The children were allowed 55 minutes of climbing in the arena which they all loved and the Birthday Girl was given a token to take the Leap of Faith.

I couldn’t believe my daughter wanted to jump off the Leap of Faith.  The Leap of Faith is the ultimate test of courage; you have to climb 18ft to the Leap platform, launch yourself through the air and grab the challenge bag or trapeze bar! I was scared just looking at it but Livvy loved it and it was the perfect Birthday Present for her.

There is a great spectator space both below the climbs and above which meant that Grandparents and other parents could easily watch the activities but there is also a small and very clean soft play right next to the climbing arena which was a great resource to entertain younger children.

Our Party Included

  • An hour and a half climbing session (includes 30 minutes briefing, 55 minutes climbing & 5 minutes to remove harnesses)
  • Private party room for 30 minutes after climbing
  • Pizza, chips and vegetables plus delicious party biscuits
  • Ice Cream
  • Squash and water for the children
  • Optional free ‘Leap of Faith’ for the birthday boy or girl
  • Party Invitation for you to print out or email for Birmingham, Whiteley or Hull

Rock Up Children’s Parties

Booking a climbing party at Rock Up is the perfect party for children wanting something more than party games and gives children the opportunity to celebrate their birthday at an all-weather indoor climbing wall. The children can challenge themselves and each other to many different climbs, enjoying an hour in the Rock Up Climbing arena. When they have exhausted themselves exploring the climbs, Rock Up will provide a range of hearty birthday food to keep them satisfied and Mum doesn’t have to worry about doing all the catering!

Rock Up is a climbing centre for all ages and you can come climbing here 7 days a week, the perfect place for some family fun while enduring a great work for Mum and Dads too!

We will definitely be going again as it’s a great place to spend time together and do something different whilst burning lots of calories! I think it’s great that my daughter can access climbing and it will give the adults some serious exercise.  Rock Up also runs ‘Climbfit’ sessions and I can see how the centre could provide just as much challenge as a session at the gym.

We are lucky that we live in Hampshire fairly close to the Rock Up in Whiteley but there are locations both in the South West and the North of England with a Rock Up in Hull opening recently.

Creating the Best Party Bags

Although my daughter is very sporty she certainly likes to indulge her feminine side so we contacted the Sparkle Club for beautiful and inspiring party accessories to complement the birthday party at Rock Up.

The Sparkle Club provided us with lots of beautiful accessories and Livvy had so much fun filling the bags for all her guests!

About Rock Up

Rock Up is the indoor climbing experience for thrill seekers of all ages. With multiple locations across the UK each with a café serving great coffee, fresh food and an indoor soft play area, Rock Up provides fantastic new adventure for family and friends. With locations in Whiteley, Birmingham and Hull it is the perfect place for family fun.

You can just ‘rock up’ and climb, however Rock Up advise that you book in advance as there is a limit to the number of people who can climb at any one time…The cost to climb is £12 for under 16s and £15 for over 16s (cheaper off peak) but if you choose not to climb the staff will supervise your child and you

About the Sparkle Club

The Sparkle Club have lots of sparkle to choose from, girls party shoes, girls handbags, hair accessories and sparkly gifts as well as everything you need for your flower girl including an extra special piece of girls silver jewellery. Their shoes and bags are designed by award winning team of designers exclusively for The Sparkle Club. Perfect Sparkle for all Girls.


Thanks to Rock Up for hosting our Birthday Party for Livvy. Prices are £20 per child for the party package, climbing and food and there is a 10 person minimum for a private birthday party room.

Thanks to The Sparkle Club for providing the party bags.