How to make your loyalty points go twice as far

food receipt

food receiptIf you regular visit the same retailer, it makes sense to have a reward card and build up points whenever you spend there.

However, many people don’t make the most of their reward points: most of us just spend them in-store, when there are sometimes far better deals to be had online.

We’ve looked at three of the most popular reward schemes in the UK – and reveal how you could make your points stretch twice as far.

Tesco Clubcard points

The Tesco Clubcard scheme allows you to earn one point for every £1 you spend in-store, online or at Tesco Direct.

You can also collect one point for every £2 you spend at Tesco filling stations.

For every 150 Clubcard points you collect, you’ll get £1.50 in Clubcard vouchers.

How to make your points mean more

Clubcard vouchers can be spent in-store or online at Tesco – and this is how many people use them.

However, if you trade them in for Clubcard Rewards vouchers, they triple in value! So for example, £10 worth of Clubcard vouchers can be exchanged for £30 worth of Clubcard Rewards vouchers.

These vouchers can then be put towards a huge range of gifts, subscriptions, holidays, cinema tickets and more – all available to buy at

You’ll sometimes find that items on the site are priced more highly than elsewhere. However, because you’re tripling the normal value of your points, they usually still work out to be very good value.

Nectar card points

The Nectar scheme is most commonly associated with Sainsbury’s, but a wide range of shops are part of it. These include everyone from Debenhams and Homebase to Argos and Blockbuster.

A Nectar card will allow you to earn two points for every £1 you spend at Sainsbury’s and most associated retailers (though points earned at other retailers may vary).

You can also earn one point per litre of fuel bought at Sainsbury’s filling stations.

Every 100 Nectar points equate to 50p if you choose to spend them in-store.

How to make your points mean more

Your Nectar points will usually be worth more if you save them up and spend them on the Nectar website.

For example, your points are worth twice as much if you put them towards tickets for various theme parks, including Alton Towers and Thorpe Park. That means 500 points will get you £5 off, rather than the usual £2.50 discount.

Boots Advantage Card points

The Boots Advantage Card scheme allows you to earn four points for every £1 you spend in-store or online at Boots.

Every point is worth 1p, so there are good discounts to be had.

On the downside, Advantage Card points can only be spent in-store. You can’t spend them online, or at any other retailers.

How to make your points mean more

There are still opportunities to maximise your points’ potential. Look out for temporary promotions, like mega-points weekends (where you can earn double or even triple points) and offers in Boots Health & Beauty Magazine.

If you have children, it’s also worth joining the Boots Parenting Club: You’ll then earn ten points for every £1 spent on baby products.

And finally, look out for Extra Offers kiosks in bigger branches of Boots. These often give out additional savings, and extra Advantage Card points coupons.