Our 10 Favourite Rainy Day Activities For Kids


Our beautiful British weather brings with it plenty of unwelcome downpours. But rainy days with the kids don’t have to mean boredom. Here are our favourite low cost rainy day activities for kids – please share yours too by commenting at the bottom of the article!

Young children

Kids aged 4-7 have loads of rainy day activities to choose from, some requiring your input and some which don’t, so you can get on with other things…

Home Baking

Kids always love to mix, stir and cut out with cookie cutters and the best thing about this activity is you get to eat the results! If your children are slightly older, let them weigh and measure the flour and butter but for youngsters, a ‘just add water’ packet mix is a less stressful way to get great tasting biscuits – quickly! Get inspiration with these simple ways to get kids involved in the kitchen.


Charity shops are a treasure trove of puzzle games where you can pick up jigsaws for pennies. Stock up on a few next time you are near one for a quiet afternoon activity with minimal supervision required. Board games are also a good find – here’s a round up of the top board games and where you can order them for less.


Children love to mark their territory so let them have a crafty day making some fun doorknob hangers.  If you provide the template made from card, cut up an old cereal box, they will create and colour them, personalising their designs with glitter and stickers.

Indoor Volleyball

This Olympic sport and now can be played in your living room –  create a net by hanging a towel over a chair and blow up a balloon for the ball.

Babies & Toddlers

The little ones love games where you can get involved with them. Try out these favourite rainy day activities:

Hand and Foot Printing

Get set for some messy play using paints and create a unique masterpiece of your child’s footprint for a keepsake. We used our brand new printer from https://factschronicle.com/best-home-printer-for-2017-2560.html so that we could make copies and give out to the family.

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Finger Puppets

Make characters from card with two holes cut out at the bottom for your fingers to poke through. Make up stories for the puppets to act out. You can create finger puppets of their favourite animals and use coloured felt and a bit of glue for better quality.

Dress Up

Toddlers love to get into costume and role play. Create a dressing up box and put in some accessories like sunglasses and beads and some old clothes to provide hours of fun!


Older children in the ‘tweens’ bracket (8 to 14) like to create their own fun, but here are a few extra ideas:

Snail Mail

In these high tech times, the simple art of letter writing has lost popularity but tweens love to diarise their day and write about what they did.  Give your child some pretty writing paper and a pen and let them write a letter to Grandma or to their friend who lives far away. It’s even more exciting to wait for your snail mail response!

Indoor Camping

Perfect to play when you can’t get outside.  Make a den using a duvet, a couple of chairs and some pillows then camp inside and tell each other ghost stories!  You could even take their lunch to the ‘tent’ and let them have an indoor picnic at the camp.

Games Console

If you already have an electronic gaming system like the Nintendo Wii or Playstation, have a tournament using sporty games such as Sports Resort.  If you don’t, you can create a games day using whatever board games you have in the house – but play them competitively, scoring who wins each game to find the winner of the whole tournament!