8 Simple Tips for Planning the Perfect Babymoon

Pregnant woman packing for Babymoon

During the final weeks of pregnancy, a Babymoon provides a great chance for you and your partner to spend some quality time together before your baby is born. It also gives you a chance to prepare mentally for the changes ahead as you enter this new and exciting chapter in your lives.

What is a Babymoon?

PregnantOccasionally known as the ‘final fling’ before baby is born. Babymoon’s are often taken in the second trimester after the 12-week scan and before it becomes inadvisable to take a flight. A Babymoon should be a relaxed getaway to allow you a chance to unwind and take it a bit slower before the craziness descends. The best option if you are nervous about going abroad or have any health concerns is to stay in Britain and before planning your Babymoon, it is recommended that you discuss your travel plans with your Doctor to make sure it is safe for you to travel.

Keep it Simple

When choosing how to spend your Babymoon, it’s easy to get carried away and fill your schedule with activities especially when travelling to somewhere new. Try to set a budget and stay within that so you don’t have any added financial stress before baby comes. Try to focus on “Relaxation” and stress-free activities which do not require much travelling or time away from your accommodation. Look out for Babymoon packages which are being offered by more Spas and hotels across the UK. These often include massage, pampering products as well as meals and selection of snacks to satisfy those midnight cravings.

Pick an easy to reach destination

A relaxing getaway can easily be ruined by badly planned travel plans. Choosing a destination that is  easily accessible and locate will make your journey stress-free. If travelling by car, be sure to plan regular stops to allow you to stretch your legs and use the toilet.

If your planning to travel by flight be sure to check with your doctor first as most airlines require a doctor’s note of approval if flying within 1 month of your due date. 

Pack sensible clothing and footwear

When choosing what to pack for your Babymoon, prioritize comfort over style. Packing clothes that can be layered easily will allow you to add and remove based on the climate and also your changes in temperature. Footwear should be comfortable enough for taking walks but also easy to remove.

Make a note of medical facilities close by

Consider the medical facilities located nearby before booking your accommodation to ensure that you can get access to medical treatment if required during your stay. If your travelling overseas you should also consider the quality of medical services available and any language barriers that may cause difficulties.

Pregnancy pillow

Bringing along a pregnancy pillow will  provide you comfort in many different positions, and can be used to support your back, neck or hips and reduce pain and discomfort during your trip as well as ensuring you get a good night’s sleep. 

Stay hydrated

Ensuring you drink enough water is vital during pregnancy. Packing your own Refillable bottle will ensure you always have water on hand during your trip, especially when travelling in a car or on a plane where there is a higher chance of dehydration.

Stick to foods you know 

It’s always tempting to try out new types of cuisines and dishes when travelling to somewhere new, As well as the usual foods to avoid when pregnant (raw fish, soft cheese, deli meats), sticking to a simple healthy meal plan will reduce the risk of getting food poisoning or any stomach bugs on your Babymoon.

Put together a budget

With the cost of raising a child to the age of 18 years averaging at £75,147 for a couple and a whopping £101,883 for a single parent, putting a budget together for babies arrival and also as they grow is an important step in managing your finances as your family grows.

There are so many pressures on modern day living, financial stress being the top of the list. It really does help to have a good understanding of your household finances so that you can plan and save a little here and there for the unexpected. Check out this baby budgeting guide, some really interesting facts and figures to help you navigate your finances amidst the excitement of a new addition to your family.