How to Choose the Correct Halloween Costume for your Children?

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Everyone Child loves it when Halloween comes around and, to be honest, as parents were no different! Halloween is fantastic fun for children of all ages with all the scary movies, spooky costumes and of course, mountains of SWEETS, and for adults, just seeing their excited faces is enough to make our day.

But how do we know how safe our costume is? Or just as importantly, do we know all the other Halloween safety tips to keep our little monster’s safe on the scariest night of the year

Well now, thanks to Smiffys, we’ve got a wonderful guide that gives you all the best ways to keep your Children safe this Halloween from choosing the correct costume all the way to trick or treating tips, fire safety explanations and how to host the perfect Halloween party.

General Safety & Outfit Requirements

The first port of call when buying a kids Halloween costume is to look at all packaging or accompanying safety leaflets, ensuring that your costume contains the following safety symbols, warnings and instructions for use that are required or recommended by law. Showing that the EU & UK’s strict safety standards have been met.

Passed EN71 Safety regulations

Every Kids Fancy Dress costume must pass the European EN71 regulation, Parts 1, 2 & 3 specifically. This regulation deals with Toys, Costumes and other children’s items that are sold in UK stores or online. With these tests checking for flammability, choking and strangulation hazards, as well as toxicity. If your Kids costume, Toy, or any other items pass the stringent European Toy Safety Directive (2009/48/EC) you will see a distinctive CE mark on the item’s label, or in the accompanying packaging.

What other labelling to watch out for

It won’t surprise anyone to learn that fancy dress costumes, and all clothes, in general, are made with flammable materials. Now we don’t expect you to be dressing your child up in an 80s shell suit, but even their Fairytale Princess costume can still catch fire easily if brushes up against a naked flame. It is therefore essential that all items you buy are also labelled with a “Keep away from Fire warning” irrespective of the burn rate within the EN71 regulatory limit. This is both a legal requirement for all items with a potential fire risk and an admission by manufacturers that they understand the potential fire risk their products pose.

Because of this, you may also find many companies also undertake extra additional testing such as the Nightwear Safety Standards (BS5722) to greater show the quality of their costumes. The Nightwear Safety Standards is primarily aimed at nightdresses, pyjamas, dressing gowns and bathrobes, however, with these items being so closely related to fancy dress costumes seeing that your items have been subject to such additional testing, it can give parents a great deal more information to help their purchasing decision.

Additional Safety Information

Now we know the legal requirements, and what to watch out for on our labels and packaging. What are some of the other top tips for making sure you choose the safest Kids Halloween Costume possible?

No small items that can fall off clothing

The EN71 testing will have already have determined the flammability, toxicity and potential choking hazard posed by small items and accessories attached to an outfit, but parents must also use their own judgement on what they feel is the correct costume choice for their child. If you think your little monster is more likely to cause damage to their costume than other kids, play it safe and opt for something simple!

No sharp costume accessories

Similar to the above, and something of a no-brainer, but if as parents we’re putting so much effort into our child’s costume is safe, why spoil it with a big pointy, plastic accessory that fly’s in the face of safety? A best practice is to ensure that all accessories are made from soft and bendy materials that are difficult to break.

Can see and breathe clearly

Big masks, fantastic headpieces and extravagant outfits can all create a fantastic Halloween costume. But what’s it worth if we can’t stay in character, see, or even breath! Take into account how long your child will be wearing their costume and choose an outfit accordingly.

Buy from respected stores

Last, but certainly not least, ensure you purchase your outfit from a respected store or retailer. Fancy Dress fakes are a real issue in the modern marketplace, with these products not undergoing the same stringent safety checks as their real counterparts. Make sure you properly research whatever store you buy from, paying special attention to online marketplaces such as eBay & Amazon where fakes can often be found and are indistinguishable to their real counterparts.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you with some extra advice for choosing your Kids Halloween costume. If you’re after extra information around Halloween Costumes, Trick or Treating, Sweets or Parties, the infographic below gives some great information for parents, all in an easy to print graphic.

Just remember, whatever you and your family do this Halloween, whether It’s a spooky cinema night or full-blown fancy dress celebrations just make sure you stay safe! Happy Halloween Everyone!