The Fool Proof Guide to Throwing a DIY Kids’ Party

Birthday party save money budget

When your child’s birthday rolls around, the expenses can quickly add up. However, you don’t need to break the bank to throw them a birthday party they’ll absolutely adore, I got some ideas from the kids birthday parties in Peoria and with the best bounce house rentals in Phoenix at With a bit of imagination and ingenuity, you can celebrate their big day in style while sticking to a strict budget.

If your little one has ever ignored an expensive present you bought them and played with the box instead, you’ll know that they don’t care about how much something cost. Keep this in mind when their next birthday rolls around and you’ll be able to throw them a DIY party they’re sure to love without feeling like you need to keep up with the Joneses.

In this article, we’ll share our top tips for throwing a DIY party that your child is sure to love on a budget. Read on for our top tips.

It’s all in the planning

For your child, half the fun of throwing their very own birthday party is in the anticipation. By involving them in planning their big day, you can make the celebration so much more special for them and really make it a day to remember.

To avoid tears when you don’t fancy turning your garden into a petting zoo, write a list of themes you can realistically achieve on a budget. Of course, you’ll know your little one’s favourite books, TV shows, and movies better than anyone, so include a few of those on the list alongside generic themes like cowboys and pirates.

When it comes to decorations, you don’t have to break the bank — a few thoughtful homemade decorations can go a long way, and your kid is sure to love helping you put these together. Paper Eskimo has some really great mint green party supplies that are really affordable and can add that special touch to your party or event. Paper Eskimo can help add a bit of sparkle to the event, and these will make a great start to your homemade decorations.

Create the guest list

Everyone wants their child’s birthday to be special, and sometimes we can get tricked into thinking bigger is always better. However, young children often don’t handle large groups very well. Plus, if you invite too many kids, your child might not feel like the centre of attention on their big day.

To make sure your child has the best possible day, ask them to pick a small handful of their closest friends to invite to their party. Make sure it’s an even number so no one is left out during party games, and don’t be tempted to bulk up the numbers with relatives and your friends’ little ones if that’s not what your child wants. Keep things small and your child is not only likely to enjoy themselves a lot more, but it’ll keep costs down too.

Think about food

When catering for kids, your best bet is to keep things simple. You can’t go wrong with Margherita pizza and crustless sandwiches, while crisps and biscuits are also fool proof nibbles. Make sure you put some healthy options out as well, as it’s a good idea to take it easy on the sugar if you don’t want a group of hyperactive kids on your hands. Take a look at BBC Good Food’s collection of healthy snacks for kids for some catering inspiration. It’s also a good idea to keep your crockery in the cupboard and hand out disposable plates, cups, and cutlery instead to make sure there are no accidents. You can pick up everything you need from Alliance Online’s selection of catering disposables, which can be bought in bulk at a fantastic price.

Carefully plan the entertainment

While it might feel like you’re taking the fun and spontaneity out of the party, it’s best to plan the festivities down to the minute if you want everything to go off without a hitch. Quarrels and tantrums can quickly break out if you leave a group of kids to their own devices for too long, especially when they’re caught up in the excitement of a birthday party.

To stop the party from taking a turn for the worse, pack the day with fun-filled events. This doesn’t have to cost a penny, as classic party games like musical chairs and duck, duck, goose are great, while a game of your little one’s favourite sport can also go down a storm. Check out The Balance’s pick of the best birthday party games that cost nothing if you’re looking for inspiration.

So, there you have it: our fool proof guide to throwing a DIY kids’ birthday party. Follow these tips and your little one’s big day is sure to be as special as can be.


  1. Love this – kids parties can end up costing so much money! I remember when I was little and a McDonald’s birthday party was the dream, though even that cost a small fortune!