Christmas Gift Guide For FoodiesWelcome to our Christmas Gift Guide 2018 covering products for foodies.

Some of the products listed have been reviewed and have a MyFamilyClub rating scale of five stars which encompasses quality of product, value for money and packaging.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Yummy Things & Kitchen Gifts

1. Recipe Book – A Kitchen Fairytale

A delicious recipe book bursting with oil-free recipes using plant-based wholefoods to aid better health.

Written by Lidamaria van der Byl-Knoefel who followed the Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis for her own recovery. Beautiful photography and inspiring recipes that are simple and tasty.

A thoughtful gift for anyone suffering from auto-immune disorders or for those that want to follow a healthier lifestyle. The book costs £20.00 from Amazon.

MyFamilyClub Christmas Gift Guide A Kitchen Fairytale

MyFamilyClub rating: ***** (5/5)
We loved:
The recipes are simple yet so incredibly tasty and fulfilling. 

2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rainbow Bottle

An exquisite gift for foodies, this Frantoio Muraglian Rainbow bottle has one of the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oils inside. An intense and robust flavour used by Michelin Star Chefs, yes! It’s that good.

The ceramic bottle is hand made and painted by a small family business in the Apulia region of italy and costs £29.50 from Amazon.

MyFamilyClub Christmas Gift Guide Rainbow Ceramic Bottle

MyFamilyClub rating: ***** (5/5)
We loved: The flavour of the oil is insane, drizzled over smashed avocado on toast with some rock salt…oh my, oh my!

3. Coconut Bowl & Spoon Set

A very cute and eco-friendly bowl and spoon set. We love it! The coconut bowls are hand crafted from coconut shells, then sanded down and polished with coconut oil for a smooth finish.

A 100% natural product from a coconut shell that would have been discarded. A really lovely gift to give an ethical friend or family member. The set costs £23.99 and can be bought direct from Super U.

Eating a favourite meals out of a coconut takes you to your own paradise, and with a coconut spoon… what better way to indulge?

Coconut Bundle - Set of 4

MyFamilyClub rating: ***** (4/5)
We loved: The bowls are really smooth and feel light in your hand. Great to eat a stir-fry out of or even ice cream. Yum!

4.Salter Megastone 28cm Griddle Pan 

This griddle pan is a must-have for any good cook. 5 x times tougher than a standard non-stick pan and big enough to cook a family meal in. Can be used with metal utensils too and has a soft grip handle. The pan costs £19.99 from Amazon.

Comes with a 10-year guarantee too and the pan is 100% PFOA free, meaning no harmful chemicals are released during cooking which is re-assuring when cooking for your family.


MyFamilyClub rating: ***** (5/5)
We loved: That you can make square pancakes :) and the size is perfect for family cooking.

5. Botonique Blush

Delish! Wow! Really scrummy alternative to wine, really refreshing and even includes milk thistle which according to health experts can help the liver get rid of toxins. The bottle is really pretty and the flavours of strawberry, rose and bramble give the drink a lovely light feel.

A great drink for the Summer but equally lovely for the cold Winter nights in a hot bath and candles on. Comes in two bottles for £15.00 from Botonique.


MyFamilyClub rating: ***** (4/5)
We loved: The pink bottle really took our fancy.

6. Reese’s Lovers 7 Pack Selection Box

Reese’s lovers will go barmy over this full-sized chocolate bar pack. Chocc’d full of Reese’s classic Peanut Butter Cups, a Reese’s stuffed with Reese’s Pieces bar, white and dark chocolate Peanut Butter Cups bars, Reese’s Nutbar and Reese’s Sticks AND a Reese’s Peanut Butter Big Cup. Costs around £9.99 and can be bought from Selfridges Food Hall.

MyFamilyClub rating: ***** (5/5)
We loved: What’s not to love about Reese’s?!

7. Coca Fina Hazlenut Chocolate Spread

A delicious, smooth, hazelnut spread made with coconut sugar, cocoa powder, hazelnuts and natural flavours. So versatile and can be spread on toast or a dollop in the blender to add to smoothies or even used as an ingredient in your favourite desserts.

A tasty and healthier alternative to Nutella and costs £5.99 from Coca Fina . Perfect as a stocking filler or as part of a Christmas hamper.

MyFamilyClub Christmas Gift Guide Coca Fina

MyFamilyClub rating: ***** (4/5)
We loved: The alternative to Nutella as an eco-friendly option.

8. Sustainable Wake Cup Zero Waste Gift Set

A stunning gift set including all the sustainable essentials: Rucksack, Water Bottle, Coffee Cup and 2 straws. Ideal for the aspiring zero waste warrior! Best-selling sustainable coffee cup from Not On The High Street and suitable for keeping drinks hot or cold for hours. Made from farmed bamboo with a stainless steel double wall inside. Costs £55.00.

9. Chocolate Sprouts

Love these quirky Belgian Chocolate Sprouts – so delicious and you don’t need many to get your chocolate hit. Perfectly formed and large brussel sprout shape and the chocolate is incredibly tasty – really smooth. An extremely fun gift to give a chocolate lover or as a prank at Christmas dinner. The box has 8 sprouts and costs £9.50 from FindMeAGift.

MyFamilyClub rating: ***** (5/5)
We loved: The concept and the flavour was soooo intense!


10. Salt House Himalayan Rock Salt Cooking Block

For the most natural way to season your food as it cooks, try salt block cooking – the ancient art of grilling, chilling, searing and serving on a salt block.

Responsibly sourced from salt reserves in the Salt Range mountains of Pakistan, each chunky Salthouse Himalayan Rock Salt Cooking Block is unique, deriving its subtle variation in flavour and pinkish colour from the particular blend of minerals present in the salt seam it was carefully mined from. Costs £36.99 from Lakeland.

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