MyFamilyClub 2018 Christmas Gift Guide For Kids


Welcome to our Christmas Gift Guide 2018 covering products for the kiddies.

Some of the products listed have been reviewed and have a MyFamilyClub rating scale of five stars which encompasses quality of product, value for money and packaging.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!


1. Twisty Petz – Bubblegum Bunny

Fashionable twisty and sparkly pet that turns into a bracelet. There a range to collect from metallic kitties, rainbow ponies, pastel pandas and many more (over 70 animals to choose from). They come in really dazzling colours and connect together to form a fun and eye catching bracelet for just £16.87 at Amazon.

Perfect for the wrist or even clasped onto a back pack or school book bag. Super cute!

MyFamilyClub rating: ***** (5/5)
MyFamilyClub loves: How quirky there are.


We have the Twisty Petz Bubblegum Bunny to give away to one lucky winner. You can enter our competition here. Competition closes on 10th December. Good luck!

2. Scruff A Luvs

With all the heartwarming videos going viral about abandoned and scruffy animals being nurtured back to health it’s easy to see why this scruffy soft toy is a big hit this year. Oh my goodness, it looks so raggedy and sad in it’s scruffy state but with a wash in warm water and a brush this lovely soft toy is transformed into the cutest pet.

The box contains a mystery animal, could be a dog, cat or rabbit! No one knows until it’s opened. The surprise factor that kids just love for £25.99 at Amazon.

MyFamilyClub Christmas Gift Guide 2018 - Scruff A Luvs

MyFamilyClub rating: ***** (5/5)
MyFamilyClub loves: The concept and how they change from soooo sad to super lovable.
Watch the video >>

3. Wrapples

Interactive pet that you can wear on your wrist, your little one’s very own ‘furry best friend’. These cute little creatures giggle and purr when petted and the eyes light up to show what mood they are in.

When it’s time for bed, simply hand the pet upside down for snooze mode. If you have more than one pet, they will talk to each other and they even sing! They have over 50 sounds and reactions. Another great product from Little Live Pets. There’s 3 to collect: Princeza, Skyo & Una and they cost £17.00 from The Entertainer.

MyFamilyClub Christmas Gift Guide 2018 - Wrapples MyFamilyClub Christmas Gift Guide 2018 - Wrapples 1

MyFamilyClub rating:
 ***** (3/5)
MyFamilyClub loves: How they interact.

4. Bumblebee Transformer Power Charge

Wow! What a toy. Rechargeable transformer with over 25 different sounds. Really good size and great quality, nice and sturdy as a robot should be, we are sure he’ll be getting into lots of battles with your childs imagination. He stands up perfectly and looks pretty awesome. Bumblebee costs £34.24 (Save 25% was £46.99) from The Entertainer.

Bumblebee is powered by spinning the Energon core and when in its classic VW Beetle form, by revving the car it charges. Bumblebee has his stinger sword tucked away ready to take on the Decepticons and he’s a pretty scary beast when his battle mask is on.

He just looks so ready for action and it’s a really impressive toy from Hasbro. You can watch the video here.

MyFamilyClub Christmas Gift Guide 2018 - Transformers Bumblebee Power Charge ` MyFamilyClub Christmas Gift Guide 2018 - Transformers Bumblebee Power Charge 1

MyFamilyClub rating: ***** (5/5)
MyFamilyClub loves: His general awesomeness!

5. Crate Creatures Surprise!

Pull his tongue and watch his eyes light up, he’ll also vibrate and deliver some monstrous sounds. Can record and play back phrases you say and it comes in its own crate with a padlock and crowbar to break him free.

Each creature has a unique feature and if you turn them upside down make a weird sound. By turning, tipping and tumbling the creature it will release motion-triggered sounds. Really funny little toys, there are 6 large ones to collect and 12 smaller ones (the smaller ones have limited feature but are very cute and retail at £8.00 each) the large ones costs £31.99 from The Entertainer.

MyFamilyClub rating: ***** (5/5)
MyFamilyClub loves: Pulling his tongue and the concept.

6. Book Monster

Extremely fun holder for books, tablets and e-readers. Bright colours and funky design is a hit with the kids and encourages children to read, which can only be a good thing! Can help to improve posture as it’s tilted. The teeth hold the tablet etc in place and there is a little pocket at the back to store headphones. Comes in two colours, green or purple but we think the green is really smashing.

A great product for a child who needs encouragement to read whilst helping them to sit in a better position. The Book Monster is quite big so make a great pillow too and perfect for use when travelling. Costs £24.99 from Thinking Gifts.

MyFamilyClub Christmas Gift Guide Book Monster Holder

MyFamilyClub rating: ***** (5/5)
MyFamilyClub loves: How colourful it is and that it encourages a better posture position.

7. Gruffalo Trunki

Ah the Gruffalo, who we love him so. What an exciting suitcase to unwrap this Christmas. Trunki are well-known for their extremely hard-wearing, fun and light-weight as hand luggage. Gruffalo Trunki can be customised with stickers and even comes with his own seat belt for mouse.

Beat the boredom when travelling with this fabulous Trunki. Costs £44.99 with free delivery direct from Trunki.

MyFamilyClub rating: Listing.
MyFamilyClub loves: Everything about Trunki. These are a firm family favourite!

8. Okido Art & Science Magazine Subscription

A creative and fun magazine for budding scientists. Packed full of really interesting and engaging activities. Perfect for 3 – 7 year old’s who are inquisitive and want to experiment. Really lovely quality paper and the range of activities ensures they’ll be no cries of ‘mum i’m bored’. A great way to encourage parent / child interaction over the festive period.

A 6-month subscription costs £30.00 and the Christmas edition has some free goodies too! Buy direct from Okido.


MyFamilyClub rating: ***** (4/5)
MyFamilyClub loves: The range of activities and quality of the magazine.

9. Monopoly Fortnite Edition

In this edition of MONOPOLY, inspired by the popular Fortnite video game, players have to claim locations, battle opponents, and avoid the “Storm” to survive. Choose a character and pick from 27 awesome outfits, buy iconic Fortnite locations, pick up loot chest cards, and earn Health points (HP). Roll the action die to pick up health packs, build walls, and damage opponents. Game includes game board, 27 Character outfit skins, 15 Storm Cards, 16 Loot Chest Cards, 8 Wall Cards, 1 numbered die, 1 action die, 110 Health Point chips, and game guide.

Suggested Retail Price: £21.99/Ages 13+ and is available from Argos.

10. Botly The Coding Robot

We were bowled over by this cute little robot and loved so much that it teaches children aged 5-9 years old to code without the use of a screen. Costs £79.00 from Learning Resources.

Based on STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Botly helps young learners how to code and is the ideal way to introduce a curious mind how to code. Make Botly move left, right , go backwards, detect an object, avoid the object and even make a sound and Botly can be programmed to sequence up to 80 moves.

Using step coding and logic, Botly helps children to develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Lovely Botly has a sensor underneath so if you draw a black line, he’ll tinker a long and follow it. Watch the video here as he’s really fun and young children will absolutely love using their skills to make him respond.

MyFamilyClub rating: ***** (5/5)

MyFamilyClub loves: The fact that it encourages screen-free time and stretches their little minds.

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