My Family Meal Planner – Super Cheap And Easy To Prepare Meals


This week we’ve got five of favourite mid-week meals. Of course, these all still keep within dietary and food waste guidelines, PLUS they’re cheap and easy to prepare. What’s your favourite dish to have on a special day?

This week’s family meal planner includes Mexican chilli and lime burgers, chicken fajitas, fish goujons, lentil, potato and chickpea curry and falafel and sweet pepper salad. The approximate cost is just £18.60 for a family of four! (price correct at time of publication – supermarket prices and offers may vary – exclusive of some store cupboard staples). Links in our recipes will show you where to get the best deal.

mexican burger meal planMexican chilli and lime burgers with spicy potato wedges and guacamole. You can serve this with spicy potato wedges or a toasted bun or tortillas to save some time. Make sure to buy the best lean mince steak, use less if needs be and add extra breadcrumbs.

Approx price: £2.54 or 64p per portion.

chicken-fajitas meal planChicken fajita wraps with coleslaw: Knowing what seasoning you’re using is key towards good health. Less salt, no sugar, monosodium glutamate, preservatives or artificial additives in this recipe and it’s delicious and quick. Serve with fresh coleslaw and use any leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Approx price: £5.75 or £1.44 per portion.

fish goujonsFish goujons with homemade chipped potatoes with steamed frozen peas: Traditional fish and chips with mushy peas, yummy but the calories are horrific. It doesn’t mean we have to go without, with this homemade version there are smaller portions and its a special treat, with less calories than the takeaway.

Approx price: £2.17 or 54p per portion.

lentil chickpea curryLentil, potato and chickpea curry: This recipe is great because it’s so quick and full of goodness. If you like it spicy why not add more curry paste or a small chilli. If you want you can also add some diced raw chicken to the dish at the same time as the liquid to cook.

Approx price: £3.36 or 84p per portion.

falafel salad meal planFalafel and sweet pepper salad: For this store cupboard favourite you can make the falafels the day before and store in the fridge. As it’s a Friday you could even make a yummy dessert.

Approx price: £4.78 or £1.10 per portion.

All the meals included in our weekly family meal planners are child-friendly and provide nutrients from each of the food groups (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals).


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There is plenty of variety throughout the week, and each recipe is specially designed with a family and busy lifestyle in mind. None of the meals will take you long to prepare, and they will be ready for hungry tums to enjoy in no time.

Quite simply a yummy family meal planner that includes quick and easy recipes so you can plan ahead, use leftovers, get the nutrients you need and save money in the process.