12 fantastic but cheap stocking fillers for kids – all under £3

cheap stocking fillers

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without stockings; the magic of Christmas Day starts with those bumpy socks first thing in the morning. Fill them on a budget with these great ideas for cheap stocking fillers for kids of all ages.


kaleidoscopeLooking for cheap stocking fillers for kids? Little ones will be captivated by the magical and continually changing patterns in this Kaleidoscope (£3.25) – just rotate the end and watch through the eyehole as the coloured beads create fabulous shapes with each turn.


twist and turn block

Twist and turn the wooden blocks to make different shapes from this simple but effective fiddle-toy. Colourful blocks strung together with elastic. The little ones will be occupied with this for ages! Bag this stocking filler for £1.50.


bath squirtersFor bathtime fun these Bath Squirters are the perfect stocking filler. The kids will love giving someone a surprise squirt with a jet of water and using this water pistol in the shape of a fish with a squeezable fin. Now just £1 from Hawkin’s Bazaar.

They also sell cool Stretchy Sea Creatures for just £2!



bouncy dinosaur

ROAR! These brightly painted bouncy dinosaurs (£2.50) will put a spring in anyone’s step and make a cute room decoration. If your kids are completely dino mad, you can also pick up a pack of 12 dinosaur model figures for under £1 too.


baking set stocking filler

Help them have their own Great British Bake Off with a mini rolling pin and set of four cookie cutters (£3). Just add ingredients, an oven and a little adult supervision and you could be having homemade biscuits for tea. A result all round!


butterfly kit

Help your tweens get creative with this decorate your own butterfly kit (£1.50). No mess, just simply press on the transfers to the butterfly wings for a unique design . A brilliant solution when you’re looking for cheap stocking fillers for kids.


mini football table

Bring the beautiful game down to size with this Mini Football Game (£3). Two tiny table football teams battle it out on a hand-size pitch. Twist the poles, take aim with the players, shoot – and Gooooaaaal!



origami sticky notes

For a crash course in the art of paper folding origami sticky notes (£2) have origami instructions on them. There are a hundred in a pack, so your teen can turn boring shopping lists into swans and ignore memos by turning them into airplanes.


LED torch keyring

A super powerful beam for its size, this LED torch on the end of a handy keyring (99p)  can be seen from over a mile away! There are five choices of light colour and each torch lasts for 36 hours of continuous use.


More ideas? Add comments below with your own inspiration for cheap stocking fillers for kids. Happy Christmas!